Common Myths about Assignment Writing Services

Common Myths about Assignment Writing Services

Popular Myths about Assignment Writing Services

Many people have a firm belief regarding the assignment writing service providers; as a result, it has become a hotly contested topic. This provides a grey area in the debate about such custom writing services. Although some of them are of great help for the students lacking prerequisite skills and ideas about how to write any report/research paper/essay to secure an “A” grade.  Still, there are some misconceptions in the mind of students about the working of online assignment writing companies. Many in the field of academics consider the use of custom made papers and assignments illegal and cheating. Here are some the common myths and beliefs regarding the custom assignment writing services.

Are custom assignment writing services legal? – A Trending Myth

Online assignment writing services have now become a moral debate issue among the students who do not come from countries/cultures devoid of native speakers in English. This is one of the explanations that companies that do online writing have for their services. The companies claim that students sometimes do not have enough time for their assignment as they have to meet up the requirements of exams. As a result, they pass over the task to such custom essay writing or assignment writing companies for securing good grades. But many of them think that buying assignments or approaching writing help agencies is unethical action concerning their academic rules and regulations. Many parents and students believe that such companies are fraud and if they pay for their work to be done, they will lose their money.

But the real fact is that availing help from such companies/agencies does not violate the ethical aspects of your academy/institution. You can consider such writing agencies as your “writing buddy” as they just provide you with the content as per your requirements. They work according to the rubrics/guides’ rules as provided by your expert faculty and make your work easy. Moreover, such companies are legal and registered so you can end up your misconception regarding them.

Assignment Writing Companies does not provide Satisfactory Results

Students are afraid about professor’s comment if they recognize that they have taken help from online assignment writing companies. They fear the rejection of the assignments. Students think that the writers may not follow the guidelines provided for the content and will not meet up with the requirements of the professor.  As a result, academic writing sites have been accused of helping students with poor quality content. This seems to be one of the myths of assignment writing companies that control the influence of such custom writing services.

As such, this notion is entirely wrong as the writers are strictly informed about the rules and regulations for the particular assignment and are also passed through various quality checkpoints. There is no doubt regarding the quality of your assignment as the writers over there are always willing to accommodate student’s and professor’s needs.

Assignment helpers are not able to meet the stringent deadlines

Deadlines! Probably this word is the most terrible one for the students as professors are quite strict as far as the assignment dates are considered. Strict adherence to such deadlines is very important for academic assignment submissions. Good quality within the specified deadline may cause trouble for the students; as a result, they have the false impression that assignment experts will fail to meet short deadlines for their project.

But the actual fact is that the assignments are done by the subject-oriented experts who have in-depth knowledge about the particular topic. So, they are quite competent in delivering quality assignments and content in given time limit. Moreover, such companies always make sure that they stick on the deadlines given by the client and provide best assignment writing services.

Low Price is equivalent to Low Quality

Students have a common myth regarding the companies providing cheap writing services. It is generally believed that such assignment writing companies charge a high amount for high-quality assignment service.  Whereas, this notion is totally wrong the assignment help agencies generally provide assignment help at affordable rates. Not only affordable rates, but such agencies also provide time to time discount offers for their client.

During the final submission, they may provide Plagiarized Assignment

Students sometimes act unconvinced regarding the content assignment writing services provide in the assignment are 100% original and unplagiarized. A teacher/professor keeps an eagle eye while checking the assignment hence there are no grades for the students presenting plagiarized content. The doubt of such plagiarized content keeps them away from seeking help in their academic assignment writing.

Let us be clear about the fact that Content writing companies are very specific and strict when it comes to holding on the rules of Plagiarism. Each article goes through a plagiarism check on paid software containing the large database. One of the most used platforms is Turnitin. They also provide a Turnitin plagiarism report along with the final submission.

If you are a student and trapped between such myths regarding assignment writing services, worry no more! Project Factory provides you with an affordable and best quality assignment help. You can approach our customer support system for further queries.





High-Quality Academic Research Paper Requirements

High-Quality Academic Research Paper Requirements

An academic research paper is on the topics which interest the academic community. An academic research paper is all about presenting an informed argument to the readers. An academic research paper is not about summarizing what you already know but about adding something of your own to it. The argument presented should be analytical and not personal. Following are some of the research paper requirements:

  • Lay the foundation
  • Gather data
  • Write the draft
  • Polish the paper
  • Check your work

The checklist mentioned above will help you write a good quality research paper.

Lay the Foundation

This is the first step for writing the research paper. You begin with deciding on a topic for the paper. The topic should be specific. You can go through other research paper samples to understand how specific the topic should be. After the topic is decided note down your opinions on the same. After your views are noted, you know the direction of the research paper. Search for the sources for your research paper. Get an overview of all the sources and also consider the reliability of the sources. By all this, you can design a preliminary thesis for the paper. This will form the base for all further work to be done on the research paper.

Gather Data

Brainstorm about all the useful ideas for your research paper. Start the process of research paper data gathering. The study material should be reliable. You can find the study material from books, journal articles, newspapers, and magazines, content from websites such as Jstor and also other sources such as interviews with the expert on the topic. Document all the sources and the material found from them. Refer to the style of references mentioned in the requirements. You can look up for the required referencing style rules on the internet. The bibliography also needs to be prepared in the same style.

Write the Draft

Start with reviewing the material you have gathered. Develop an initial outline for the research paper. The framework will contain the paragraph wise distribution of the content. According to this outline place the notes in order. This will make the writing process easier as everything is arranged as per the order of requirement. Avoid plagiarism while writing the research paper. Substantiate your ideas with certain quotes. The quotes will make the reader more convinced about your opinion on the topic. Also, this will persuade the reader that the research paper is presenting an informed opinion. An informed opinion always goes a long way as compared to just an opinion.

Polish the Paper

Review the paper and make the necessary changes. Sometimes the structure of the paper as designed earlier doesn’t seem as appropriate after it’s written. So you can restructure the paper. Make sure that your introduction paragraph presents a strong thesis statement and is clear about the point about the point which is going to be presented. The research paper should have a logical progression. The transition between the paragraphs should be a smooth one. The concluding paragraph of the research paper should also present a firm and clear statement. Pay attention to the grammar mistakes if any done in the paper. You can use various grammar check tools available online. One of the most important points is the research paper methodology used by you. The entire paper should follow the guidelines of that methodology. Double check the citations used and their credibility. Refer to the research paper format requirements mentioned. If not mentioned you can refer to the online guides available for various formatting styles such as MLA, APA or Harvard. The citations should also be by this style.

Check your work

Read the paper to yourself and make sure that it has the appropriate tone and style of writing. Make sure that the paper has a feasible thesis statement and meets all the necessary guidelines for the paper. The formatting, referencing, supporting quotations and the grammar form an essential part for the overall presentation of the paper. The guidelines for the same should be strictly adhered to.  All these qualities combined will help you write a research paper of a superior quality.

The research paper is ultimately putting your ideas with necessary supporting statements. These supporting statements will make your thesis statement more authentic and convincing. Some online websites provide you with the service of research paper analysis. This gives you an idea about the overall rating of your paper regarding quality. Sign up with Project Factory for the writing services of any research paper. The top quality papers are provided by the team of experts at Project Factory

Have a Look upon Ten Useful Microsoft Word Tools and Features

Have a Look upon Ten Useful Microsoft Word Tools and Features

Being students you all will be familiar with the Microsoft Word’s basic tools and how to use them while writing your academic assignments. Also Microsoft has integrated tools that can help you work faster. There are some useful tools for Word which you might be unaware about. So given are some useful Microsoft Word tools description which will make your assignment writing easier than before.  Let’s get started.

1.     Comparing Documents.

Often your teacher/professor comes up with a revised version of your submitted document. It is better to compare both files and see the changes for avoiding future inconveniences. Microsoft Word tools list contains a “Compare” feature which allows you to see the changes between the arbitrary documents. You can compare the documents in following ways:

  • Choose Compare and Merge Document from the Review ribbon.
  • Select the revised/new document and old/submitted document.
  • Start the inspection.

2. Document Inspector.

You would always want to maintain the confidentiality of your document and prevent it from any unauthenticated source. Word 2010 keeps the document protected which eventually mitigates the probable of vulnerability. There are several ways to restrict enforce editing. :

  • Launch the 2010 word document where you want to restrict editing. Navigate to Review tab and click Restrict editing.
  • Find the Restricting, Editing and Formatting pane at the right sidebar in the Review tab and click Restrict Editing.
  • Choose the form of editing reviewers can perform in the document. Go to restrict editing, select – ‘’Allow only on this type of editing in the document’’.  Select an option from the drop-down list which refers to the editing you want in document

3. Convert Tables to Graphs.


Any data given in table or graphs make it easy to understand and is presentable to write reports. Graphs are better than tables. Word makes it easy for you to convert tables into graphs in the following way:

  • Choose table to be converted to graph.
  • Click object tool under the- insert tab ribbon.
  • Choose Microsoft Graph Chart from the list of object types
  • Click ok and you get graphic representation of your tabular form
  • Format the graph as desired
  • Click anywhere outside the graph to continue working with document


4. Hide formatting/language changes.


This one of many MS Word tools is very useful if you receive other documents in foreign languages.  Word replaces language used for all instances of paragraph in the document. If you have many documents you need to change or make changes very often then macro is a better approach.

  • Make sure the system is set to English as default language.
  • Load the document you want to modify.
  • Press Ctrl+H word displays the replace tab to the Find and replace dialog box
  • Make sure both the Find and replace with boxes are empty.
  • With the insertion point in the Replace with box, click Format/Language. Word displays the replace language dialogue box
  • Select English and press OK
  • Click replaces all.

5. Merging of Documents.


When you send your assignment for review and get multiple copies back with feedback. You would want to combine the suggestions and ideas into one document.

  • Click on Review in the ribbon and select Compare.
  • Choose combine < document you sent for review under Original document.
  • Click the document you want to merge in <Revised document.
  • In the label unmarked changes with box, type a name or phrase to know who suggested the changes.
  • Click more< Show changes in < New document < Ok


6. Check Readability of the document.


After doing lot of research and devoting ample time you would definitely want to check the readability of the document. This MS Word functions on readability scores of the document is based on U.S. grade levels:

– Flesch Reading Ease – It rates your document on 100 point scale The higher the score, the easier it is to understand the document.

How do you get it?

  • Click Microsoft office Button for the main drop-down menu < word options < Proofing
  • Select Check grammar with spelling

Choose the Show readability statistics check box, while correcting grammar in Word.

As you click on spell check, the overall readability score for your document will pop up.

7. Converting a WordPad Document to Microsoft Document.


Writers are interested in MS word because it is a word processor suited to large working projects.  Converting a Wordpad document to Microsoft word document can be done regardless of version.

  • Click open and go to word pad file you want to convert
  • Click the drop down menu in the lower right-hand corner of your file dialogue box and select ‘’rich text format’’ your word pad file will be appeared.
  • Open the one you want to convert first.
  • Go to file menu ‘’save as’’
  • Open drop-down file menu in the lower right corner < word document to save the version of word you are using.

8.  Real-time co-authoring.


This helps you to collaborate with colleagues on a document, to see everyone’s changes instantly and to chat with them using skype for business.

  • Go to share- save to cloud
  • Choose one drive and folder you want < save it
  • Go to share pane – to invite people to your document, type their email id’s in ‘Invite people’ box. Setting permission to can edit, and add a message if you want.
  • Set the share changes as – ‘Ask me’ or ‘Always’


Now to start working together in a document:

  • Open and edit the document in word 2016 or word online. Choose ‘’yes’’ to allow automatic sharing.
  • When people follow your link, your link will open in their Word version
  • Colored flags show you where in the document each person is working
  • Choose comments on the ribbon to make or view comments

9. Outline View.


It helps to organize and structure your complex document.

  • Click Outline < view
  • Use outline tools to move and edit headings

10. Kerning.


Every writer wants their draft to look perfect in every way. Even if there is a minor loophole of character spacing, the creator would want to correct it. MS Word tools allow you to do so, by following the below given steps:

  • Select the text and press Ctrl+D – the font dialogue box is displaced
  • For Word 2007 versions select – ‘Character spacing tab’ and for later versions select – ‘Advanced tab’
  • Click on kerning for fonts check box
  • Adjust the character point size to show when word should start adjusting kerning and click Ok










Stuck with an assignment submission and looking for help with a final overview? You are at the right place.


Proofreading is the final stage of writing any article—a final check for all possible errors ranging from wrong spelling to the flow of content in any write-up. It is essential because silly mistakes in any submission (be it your resume or essay) makes the reader doubt your professionalism and prudence. Here are 15 common errors which you must watch out for while editing and proofreading assignments


  1. Spellings

Spellings are the first error that strikes the discerning eye of any reader other than yourself, if only because you are too used to your work. Autocorrect can decide to not work at the most crucial of times. Make sure you do a thorough spell check yourself and avoid negligence.

  1. Skipping articles or other words

Skipping articles is one of the most common mistakes overlooked when proofreading assignments. If you are a frequent typist, your mind is working way ahead of your fingers. So, you tend to skip words, especially when you are in a hurry to finish your work. Read each sentence with full attention and fill in the gaps.

  1. Typing the wrong word

It often happens that we are thinking about something other than what we are typing and put in some completely random word instead of the correct one. Read scrupulously for such typos.

4.      Auto “correct”

The auto-correct feature cannot read your mind, especially when you are typing words in languages other than the default one. Ensure your fille (French for ‘girl’) doesn’t turn into filled and render your sentence and hence, the flow of your paper, meaningless.

5.      Word repetitions

Repetition of a word, unless used for emphasis or as a style of writing, can be very annoying for a reader. Redundancy also reduces the quality of your paper. Use your vocabulary and get creative.

6.      Capitalisation

Wrong capitalizations, unless required for proper nouns or your style of writing, disrupts the reader’s flow and confuses the reader of your intention.

  1. Punctuation

Does each period, comma, em dash or quotation mark make sense and add to the sentence? Don’t let punctuation errors ruin all the effort you have put into your writing. Punctuation marks are meant to make the reading easier to ensure easy comprehension and not otherwise. A few proofreading exercises should definitely help.

  1. Indentations

Some formats, like the MLA, and professors, require that you indent every paragraph in your paper. Do not skip this minute detail.

9.      Using the thesaurus blindly

Blindly using thesaurus can turn the meaning of any sentence upside down. For example, ‘delicate’ has synonyms such as ‘fine, exquisite, insubstantial and wispy.’ The first two meanings have positive connotations while the latter two have negative connotations. Use the thesaurus but make sure you are acquainted with the alternate word meanings so that you don’t unknowingly intend something else.

  1. Wordiness

Wordiness is when you use more words than necessary. It is best to limit each sentence to 30 words. Simplify your sentences and think like a reader, or your professor, while proofreading home assignments. Make your article as crisp and as clear as possible.

  1. Double spacing after punctuation

Some of us tend to put in double spaces after every punctuation. Do not double space. It serves no purpose other than distancing the words, increasing the number of pages, and irking the reader.

  1. Cross-referencing

You may think that the task of referencing is unimportant or may be left until the last. But it will be easier for you if you cross-reference right from the beginning, as you are writing the assignment. Not only this, entirely omitting referring can lead you into copyright issues or a grade cut by your professors. See to it that you have all the correct reference sources while proofreading assignments.

  1. Format

Different writing styles require different kinds of formatting. For example, while MLA requires your in-text citation in brackets, Chicago style requires footnotes. Most styles require you to italicize names of books and put names of chapters in double inverted commas. Attentively format the entire paper based on the style you have been asked to follow.

  1. Short forms

In today’s times, we see an increased usage of informal short forms of words like ‘because’ (cuz or bc) and ‘when’ (wen or whn). This will completely send your write-ups well below the grades, attention and appreciation they may deserve. Hence, this is one error you MUST avoid making to make your assignment look professional and your effort sincere.

  1. Only proofreading the body

Lastly, proofreading does not only mean going through the body of your paper. It also requires you to check the heading, subtitles, sub-headings, headers/footers and especially, the bibliography. Maybe nobody checks the bibliography, but you don’t want to take chances.


Often, we get attached to our writing and overlook certain aspects which may be unobvious to or unnecessary for the reader. While it is easy to recognize mistakes in others’ writing, it is difficult to objectively observe and assess self-written work and possible blunders. That’s where we come in. Project Factory has just the right experts for proofreading assignments for students. Sign up for proofreading and editing services, or for a proofreading report and other editing services for y

Top 5 online tools you can use to edit your assignment

Top 5 online tools you can use to edit your assignment

How to carry out various quality checkpoints for your academic assignment?

Checking the content of your academic project can become a time-consuming process as it needs in-depth observation to ensure the best-quality. You cannot manage to riddle the assignment content which contains many typos and other grammar errors. As a result, you will end up delivering poorly written content which is a bigger challenge considering the grade/rubric system. It is obvious that you need proper platform like content editing tools that help you in carrying out various quality checkpoints in less time.

As a student, writing assignments and reports is part of your everyday life and one of the major problems every student’s face is assignment editing, structuring, and quality check. Even as a teacher it becomes necessary to have assignment management tools as they need to stick to the grading system rules. In this technological era, there is a mountain of apps and online assignment tools which provide assistance for the assignment testing. Searching the best assignment editing tool that fits with your writing format and style is a time-consuming work.

But there is no need to worry about this- As we have done thorough research for you and came up with Top 5 online tools that you can use while editing your assignment.  But before we jump to the introduction of those tools let us take a look at the assignment editing steps.

  • Organizing your content.
  • Editing the grammar and typing mistakes.
  • Plagiarism Check.

The above-mentioned quality checkpoint needs to be followed strictly while writing any assignment. These three aspects are considered as important deliverables of any academic project. Self-editing becomes difficult as you will skim over the mistakes as you know the content of the assignment. That’s why online assignment editing tools are boon for the students and teachers associated with the academic writing.

1. Content Organizing Tools that make your Writing Smarter

There are different tools which provide checkpoints for the content organization according to the assignment format. If you are working on lengthy reports and dissertations, you need to cross-check the format of the paper matches the requirements of the rubric.

  1. Scrivener is one of the most reliable assignment writing tools for organizing the content of your academic project.

Scrivener tool provides everything you will need for the structuring and formatting of your academic project. The user-interface of this tool is very easy, so you don’t have to rely on others help you can figure out solutions for your problem. Hence, Scrivener is your online buddy that provides benefits like a word document adding extra features like outlining the project plan, digital index cards for creating summary of the content and much more.

You can also take a snapshot of the before version if you are afraid of losing information during major changes. It provides an extensive list of fonts and templates for APA style, essay, and report writing. Hence, it provides the assessment tools knowledge and reasoning for every academic project. It is available for Windows and Mac.

  1. Workflowy- The best assignment tool for Outlining the Content of your project

An academic writing project demands a well-structured format which provides the framework for the whole project. Workflowy is an assignment tool for tracking your content. It makes this process easier with organized summary, bullet points and lists of contents present in the paper.

Are you worried about what content should be added to the given assignment topic? Workflowy helps you with best hash tags-based tagging and search features.  You can share, explore, export or delete any content or list items. It is available on Mac, iOS, iPad, Android, and Chrome.

Remove Language Barriers through various Grammar Editing Software

People often make the grammar mistakes which can create an adverse effect on their grades. Without proper grammar, you will lack the main idea or theme of your project and will create weak points for the credibility. At an academic level, you will not be taught how to correct the grammar mistakes. In such cases, the online grammar editing tools work as the helping hands and will catch the undesirables.

  1. Ginger online assignment tool is providing assistance for grammar check and typing errors.

Ginger offers an innovative facility that integrates with your browser and makes sure that you never make any grammatical error while uploading your project. Its mission is to remove the grammatical errors and enable a better communication medium.

It is useful for the students writing large content and available on variety of platforms like Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. Ginger Grammar Checker uses copyright technology to correct grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes with utmost accuracy. This software improves your content better than a human reviewer would.

  1. Avoid embarrassing grammar mistakes with Grammarly software.

It is a platform for improving the English language writing projects. It helps in proof-reading and detecting the unoriginal content. It contains 250 grammar rules which provide best results during the content checking process. Easily improve your grammar on this free software.

 Maintain the Credibility of your Content by avoiding plagiarized content

Plagiarized content automatically drains your grade points while working on the academic assignment. Plagiarism checkpoint is necessary to prevent the copyrighting issues and to ensure a better and fairer assignment.

  1. Plagiarism Checker Software.

If you are unaware about how to detect the plagiarized content, you can use the Plagiarism Checker software available for free on every platform.

The software upholds the integrity of work by assuring unique content for your academic work. It is also best assessment tools for teachers to identify the plagiarized content. You can also use Grammarly as plagiarism checking software.

These are the few tips to come up with quality content for your academic project. We have provided you with best-vetted software for editing your assignment.  You can also take a look at our assignment editing services and credible projects for further guidance.