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Paul Verhoeven, is a film director with the Dutch origin. He has played different designations and portfolios in his career. These portfolios consist of being a film director and producer, television director and producer as well as a screen writer. There are different genres of films that he has explored throughout his career and his direction have touched several subjects that can be taken in the film industry. He has been extremely versatile in providing the different types of films that are from completely different type of films. He has been quite experimental in developing films that belonged to different categories pertaining to the core concept and theme displayed in it.
The films that are directed and produced by him include the science fiction ones that include films like Total recall, RoboCop, Starship Troopers. It also includes developing films on the concept of erotic drama and thriller theme in a movie and this has been developed through his striving urge to provide excellent and highly entertaining as well as interesting movies for the audiences. Along with the above mentioned science fiction movies, he has also developed a classic erotic thriller with a touch of thrill and sexual content in it. Hence, it can be observed that there are different satires of film making that are explored by Paul Verhoeven (IMDB.COM).
He has been praised for the different themes and versatility that he inculcates across these themes among the audiences. He has been awarded many times by the international film festivals and other awards. It has been quoted in the Seattle times that, “Director Paul Verhoeven often appears to be a one-man Dutch movie industry”. On the other hand, he has been called as “a busy bee whose movies pollinate the festival circuit”, by the San Diego Union.
Three different genres of movies that can be seen in the movies directed by Paul Verhoeven has been discussed. These three movies are the RoboCop, Basic Instinct and the Total Recall. These movies are completely different from each other and they have completely different themes in them. They are belonging to the three different genres of science fiction, erotic thriller and an action film respectively. He has achieved great recognition and many awards for these three movies which tend to take his career as a director to an all-time high. The concept of these three movies led to his appraisal and the industry recognized his skills as an excellent director and screenwriter.
RoboCop tends to be an action packed and inspirational movie that partially incudes science fiction too. It is based on the theme that a police officer, named Alex Murphy, who was severely injured during his duty was provided some superpowers that can be possessed only by a robot. This process was carried out by the OmniCorp that is present across many nations. In this process, he tends to become half robot and the remaining part is his body. Inspite of the accident, he was not ready to quit and he served to be half robot and half man for performing the activities and tasks that are carried by the cops. There is a mix flow of memories in these movie. The cop struggles between his duties and his life, where in between he has a strong urge to live for his family.
Robocop serves to be the first significant break for Paul Verhoeven in the Hollywood industry. Initially, before the inception of this film, he had been directing many films in the Netherlands. The film focused on providing inspiration regarding the fulfillment of one’s duties for the society as well as their family. He has displayed sheer courage of a police officer who was killed brutally by many criminals. It was his bravery and urge to return back that his body too accepted the experiment that as performed by the multilateral organization OmniCorp in the industry.
There is also a blend of scientific fiction in the movie where the technology is used to showcase the physical structure that was acquired by the cop and the powers that he got after acquiring the body of a half robot. This scientific fiction was taken to an altogether new level when the technology was combined with the action that was carried by the RoboCop across the city.
There were many issues in the ratings that were provided to this movie. One significant reason was the excessive use of the violence and blood showing scenes in the fighting scenes and in the background. it was observed that there was no such sexual content, yet, the movie was X-rated by the “Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA)”. Thus, in order to get a universal rating to the movie, the scenes which showed blood were restricted to showing minimal or almost no blood. The fighting scenes that were intense were made lighter and there was an addition of a humor element in the action sequences that were planned by the director Verhoeven to be the core feature of the film. But, it did not go well with the MPAA and they restricted the level of violence that was shown in the movie. The movie grossed a huge revenue of about $8 million in the very first week (ROGEREBERT.COM).
Hence, it can be observed how the scientific fiction and action themes have been combined by the director Verhoeven in this film.
Total recall
Total recall is an American action film based on scientific fiction. It is a very unique and absurd story that contains that a construction worker dreams about going to other planet, that is, mars. He also meets his dream lady over there. There is a huge mystery about this lady who is present in Mars. He is very much attracted to her, but he is very much confused regarding his existence. He is confused that whether he is on earth or somewhere else where he meets this charming lady in his dreams. The movie has won many awards for different categories where the last one was for its visual effects by the “Special Achievement Academy Award”. It tends to be one among the most costly films of those times. But, there is no reliable and valid proof for that.
In the movie, it has been very well narrated by the director Paul Verhoeven through his imagination where he takes others to the new unexplored world of Mars planet. However, the real confusion that holds every person to the field is that during the virtual dreaming and development of memories, the man had reached mars in reality. It tends to surprise and shock the man in sudden grief and he tried to come out of it, but was not possible. The movie is an amazing combination of scientific fiction and imagination regarding the development of stories that has been witnessed in this case (ROTTENTOMATOES.COM).
Thus, it can be stated that it would be similar to the RoboCop movie that has been directed by the same director, that is, Paul Verhoeven. However, inspite of the similarities in the themes of these movies there is a huge difference in the portraying of these characters by the director. He has very differently shown more of his innovative and designer side in Total Recall where it is completely based on his imagination unlike RoboCop which is more based in the violence, action and acquaintance of power.
Basic Instinct
Basic Instinct has the tag of being one of the most erotic thriller movie across the entire Hollywood. It revolves around an investigation that is carried out regarding the brutal murder of a Rock star. The prime suspect who is believed to be the girlfriend of the Rock star attracts the investigating officer who in turn gets involved with her in an intense relationship.
It is an extremely imaginative and thrilling story where the two main characters are playing around each other and the chase between them is really interesting. The director has very well displayed the thrilling effect along with a touch of erotic sequences in it. Like RoboCop, basic Instinct also faced many opposition from the board due to its explicit content and highly violent scenes in it. However, inspite of so many controversies, it went out to become one of the most successful movies in the year 1992. The director has emphasized on each and every detail to give it a thriller effect and the dialogues have been developed accordingly to create suspense throughout the plot (IMDB.COM).
Thus, it can be seen how Paul Verhoeven has specialized in different genres of the film making industry where he has always been striving on the provision of different experiences to the viewers across the industry.
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