An academic research paper is on the topics which interest the academic community. An academic research paper is all about presenting an informed argument to the readers. An academic research paper is not about summarizing what you already know but about adding something of your own to it. The argument presented should be analytical and not personal. Following are some of the research paper requirements:

  • Lay the foundation
  • Gather data
  • Write the draft
  • Polish the paper
  • Check your work

The checklist mentioned above will help you write a good quality research paper.

Lay the Foundation

This is the first step for writing the research paper. You begin with deciding on a topic for the paper. The topic should be specific. You can go through other research paper samples to understand how specific the topic should be. After the topic is decided note down your opinions on the same. After your views are noted, you know the direction of the research paper. Search for the sources for your research paper. Get an overview of all the sources and also consider the reliability of the sources. By all this, you can design a preliminary thesis for the paper. This will form the base for all further work to be done on the research paper.

Gather Data

Brainstorm about all the useful ideas for your research paper. Start the process of research paper data gathering. The study material should be reliable. You can find the study material from books, journal articles, newspapers, and magazines, content from websites such as Jstor and also other sources such as interviews with the expert on the topic. Document all the sources and the material found from them. Refer to the style of references mentioned in the requirements. You can look up for the required referencing style rules on the internet. The bibliography also needs to be prepared in the same style.

Write the Draft

Start with reviewing the material you have gathered. Develop an initial outline for the research paper. The framework will contain the paragraph wise distribution of the content. According to this outline place the notes in order. This will make the writing process easier as everything is arranged as per the order of requirement. Avoid plagiarism while writing the research paper. Substantiate your ideas with certain quotes. The quotes will make the reader more convinced about your opinion on the topic. Also, this will persuade the reader that the research paper is presenting an informed opinion. An informed opinion always goes a long way as compared to just an opinion.

Polish the Paper

Review the paper and make the necessary changes. Sometimes the structure of the paper as designed earlier doesn’t seem as appropriate after it’s written. So you can restructure the paper. Make sure that your introduction paragraph presents a strong thesis statement and is clear about the point about the point which is going to be presented. The research paper should have a logical progression. The transition between the paragraphs should be a smooth one. The concluding paragraph of the research paper should also present a firm and clear statement. Pay attention to the grammar mistakes if any done in the paper. You can use various grammar check tools available online. One of the most important points is the research paper methodology used by you. The entire paper should follow the guidelines of that methodology. Double check the citations used and their credibility. Refer to the research paper format requirements mentioned. If not mentioned you can refer to the online guides available for various formatting styles such as MLA, APA or Harvard. The citations should also be by this style.

Check your work

Read the paper to yourself and make sure that it has the appropriate tone and style of writing. Make sure that the paper has a feasible thesis statement and meets all the necessary guidelines for the paper. The formatting, referencing, supporting quotations and the grammar form an essential part for the overall presentation of the paper. The guidelines for the same should be strictly adhered to.  All these qualities combined will help you write a research paper of a superior quality.

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