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Advertising in McDonalds


McDonalds is one of the most popular fast food chains around the world with above 35,000 restaurants over the world. It is one of the most recognizable brands in the world also as it is spread in more than 100 countries. (Mcdonalds, n.d.)It is one of the largest businesses run through franchisees which are operated according to the international standards. McDonalds as a food chain brought influential changes in the fast food business and many other fast food chains have followed their example. Before the introduction of McDonalds, fast food wasn’t even known in many countries. It has indirectly changed the diet habits of people worldwide. Despite criticism from time to time, they have proved their worth and have survived gloriously through all these years. (Salisbury, 2011) It is also known as one of the major marketers among the world with attractive global campaigns throughout the world. McDonalds attracts customers from all age group having an image of a family restaurant. It has different items on the menu according to the different countries it sets its franchisees in. It has been the biggest competitor of all the other fast food chains on the world and still continues to grow. It feeds 64 million customers every day throughout the world. Now, McDonalds is not just a restaurant but also a cultural symbol. Food is the fastest and easiest way to spread culture around the world and McDonalds has spread the American fast food cultural throughout the world.

McDonalds has been globally influential due to its food and business expansion methods, but there is also a huge share of advertising which has been responsible of its global growth. The annual advertising budget of McDonalds exceeds 2 Billion USD which cannot be compared to any other fast food brand. There are methods to positively spread influence of McDonalds around the world. (O’Brien, 2012) One option would be to improve the quality of their food and another way would be to change the view of the people related to that food. If the 28 million people that are being served each day do not think that the food being served at McDonalds is not high quality and healthy, then the business won’t survive. Advertising has a great contribution in generating and maintaining a positive image of McDonalds in the world markets. Its constantly creative campaigns re-energize the sales and help to keep a steady positive image of McDonalds among the people. (McDonald’s, globalization and culture, n.d.) McDonalds has a very strong marketing strategy throughout the world which age oriented and changes are implied during major events (e.g. Fifa 2014 World Cup).

McDonalds has been growing substantially lately in UAE. It served 50 million people in UAE the previous year. McDonalds had 109 outlets in UAE and there have been plans to open 15 additional outlets to cover more areas and satisfy the growing demands. McDonalds UAE has active promotions and campaigns to support the sales of McDonalds. They have had very successful and innovative advertising campaigns in the past, one of them being the Khaleej Times front page gimmick. This campaign used languages as a creative tool to generate attention and create a buzz to promote the New Products of McDonalds. Khaleej Times printed their newspaper with an extra front page in the respective languages of the new flavors of burgers McDonalds was about to launch for their campaign. It was a first of its kind print campaign which was successful due its innovative nature to generate curiosity among readers.  It was very well received and appreciated and got a good amount of attention as Khaleej Times is one of the most leading newspapers of UAE. Their other advertising campaigns include their new breakfast campaign which introduces the products available during breakfast. It displayed a daily routine of people waking up to eat their breakfast at McDonalds. This campaign focused on the daily worker’s necessity to eat breakfast and introduced a variety of items people generally consume during their breakfast. It was to-the-point and aimed at a particular group of people for their range of products. This campaign’s success was its direct approach without any distraction to their consumers. There is also a current promotion involving free McMuffins being served on a specific occasion. These McMffuins were freely served on 17th march to celebrate the world breakfast day. This campaign can be considered as an effort of the part of fulfilling their corporate social responsibility. This campaign wasn’t targeted any specific age group but it created awareness among people about McDonalds making efforts to serve the people in a better way. This helped in improving their public image in UAE. (McDonald’s, n.d.) McDonalds also made their previous vintage posters of Big Mac in their advertisement campaign throughout UAE. McDonalds partnered with artist in the region to create 45 limited edition posters displaying the key moments throughout their history since the Big Mac was launched in 1967. It was primarily to celebrate the success of the Big Mac but it also sufficed the goals of promoting art in UAE and a strong branding of their prime product throughout the world in UAE. People were already familiar with the product but this campaign was used to further strengthen their image in UAE. (Yousuf, 2013)  The latest campaign in McDonalds was the Fifa 2014 world cup campaign. It was actually a Middle East campaign which covered UAE. It included a prize distribution to 42 lucky customers who had the opportunity to fly to UAE to watch the football matches in Brazil. It supported the ongoing hype for the sport and encouraged people to visit McDonalds for food during the world cup for an opportunity to watch the matches.

These campaigns have been varied in nature and often innovative and objective. They were aimed at a specific group of people and used various aspects of advertising in a creative manner.  This creative manner of advertising led to a successful overall marketing process in McDonalds UAE.


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February 28, 2018

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