Arguementative Essay on Utilization of Library


A student is a part of the large academic structure which can also be recognized as a system for gaining vast knowledge related to multiple fields. A student is a knowledgeable and skilled worker in progress. In order to achieve success in career as well as for becoming a wise individual in future regardless of the field chosen by the student, it is necessary to gain knowledge through a rich medium in order to effectively attain knowledge. Libraries are huge structures which can also be termed as a reservoir or an ocean of literature flooding with knowledge which can quench the thirst of knowledge for any individual. Reading can be a leisurely activity as well as an effective exercise for gaining knowledge. A library acts as a sanctum for readers in which the readers can efficiently read in silence and it is the best possible environment for readers. An educational institution always houses a library which students nowadays just use to access the internet or for leisure. The utilization of libraries is decreasing and the array of wide knowledge regarding subjects which require extensive reading cannot be gained by a student unless a student divulges in reading.
First Argument

Reading is a habit which has been regarded as the best of habit by wise men as well as educational institutions. Reading can be of any kind and it benefits an individual or a student in any age or phase in life. By cultivating a habit of reading, a student can effectively gain precious knowledge regarding a subject of his choice from the treasure of books in a library. The atmosphere of a library is the best suitable atmosphere for reading and the student can spend hours without disturbance here. Once a habit of reading is formed, a student can read and research about assignments or revise his subjects taught in schools and colleges to sharpen his knowledge on a regular basis. It is also a refreshing habit in which, if a student gets tired, exhausted or bored while reading about a certain topic, he can switch to another topic or explore fictional literature to refresh himself. This not only gives pleasure but extensive reading also helps a student improve his vocabulary which is useful in building knowledge in any field. (Kachel & Lance, 2013)
Second Argument

In the current generation of students it can be observed that the students are being provided with hi-tech gadgets to stay connected with people around him and entertain himself anytime he wants through games or watching videos online. Due to a massive trend leading to the exploitation of this technology, students are getting knowledge in the forms of bits and pieces and the form of communication is also degrading. These chain of habits diverts a student’s attention from gaining useful knowledge. If such a student starts sitting in a library and develops a reading habit. He can read in concentration from books without being disturbed by the outside world. Encouraging the trend of reading is very vital in the current generation and will aid the student in maintaining concentration in studies which is constantly breaking due to exposure from smartphones which constantly divert a student’s attention through notifications. Libraries encourage an atmosphere of silence and people tend to put their devices into silent mode and constantly read in silence and practice effective reading. (Marlowe, 2014)
Third Argument

The production of books requires usage of precious resources like trees which have to be cut down for the production of books. With the advent of new technology, a student or individual can access the same information through tabs, laptops and smartphones and keep updated with current news and divulge in literature through kindles. The concept of libraries is at times overrated as the same activity can be done at home or any silent space with a facility to use devices and access the internet. In certain occasions students just need to access the right data at the right time in order to complete their assignments or revise for a test which can also be developed through the use of smartphones and other advanced devices to keep in touch with information on the go. The visits to libraries are not the only way a student can effectively read gain knowledge. According to certain schools of thought, knowledge can be gained by communicating with knowledgeable peers in a café or another peaceful place which cannot be done in a library where talking to other people without necessity is not encouraged. While other good alternatives are developing, it is not ideal to stick to libraries for gaining knowledge. (Worstall, 2014)

As libraries have been in existence since centuries for reading and people have been gaining knowledge through libraries since a long time for academic purposes, it is certainly a useful method for studying effectively. But as new alternatives and options are developing and people do not have time to sit in libraries anymore, these options are being considered widely and libraries are not getting enough attention these days from students. Due to a clash of these trends, a detailed argument was definitely in order. After considering all of these arguments, it can be said that it is a matter of personal preference of student as to how he wants to study and read as both of the options have their pros and cons. Libraries have been a preferred option for a long time and will remain for some who prefer such an environment.
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March 7, 2018

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