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 Values offered by Apple to its consumers.


Apple as a company specializing in high tech personal computers and mobile devices offers an array of values to their customers. Apple has a lineup of products in personal computers, mobiles and portable media players which is broad with features and stability yet connected. Apple has supreme control over its range of devices and has remained always capable to branch out beyond personal computers and laptops. It has struck wonders with its innovation in every type of device it produces and has created a substantial goodwill and a proud name for itself which has helped create a brand value which diminishes almost every other company on the planet. Apple offers innovation in form of software, new technology in its mobile devices which comes in apple before any other company, a tag or a brand which is a symbol of quality over the world and helpful retails store with a friendly experience. Apple has a reputation for putting customers before everything else. Even non technical people are able to use apple products with ease. An interesting feature which helps customers buy apple devices more often in that Apple devices communicate and sync with other types of apple devices really well which promotes the customers to buy more apple products and to buy a newer version of the same device rather than going for a device from another company. Apple products are easy to use and due to its innovative but simple design they appeal to every gender and age group which helps in creating a wide customer base. Apple devices have high quality displays in their devices and they employ product differentiation and a wide variety of colors in their devices which gives a likeable feel to the apple products. While accessing music on Apple mobile devices offers seamless connectivity and sync with the internet and other Apple devices and accessories. Apple has been known for seamlessly uniting its hardware and software with an integrated operating system and the apps run on one apple device as good as any other apple device. This stability in performance and quality has allowed apple to retain its customers from time to time. The seal of quality that apple has earned since its rise has helped achieve a brand value and has become an object of pride for its customers and has allowed apple to have a loyal customer base.


Benefits for Apple in utilizing social media


Apple has set its foot into social media through websites like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, etc. over the years to aid the process of branding and advertizing their products in an efficient and user-friendly way. Companies in any sector need to become more social and people friendly through entering social media to avoid its negative effects. The primary benefit that Apple could have from having a wide base on social media is that Apple can benefit from a progressive view of knowing people’s interests and views about the company as people find it more comfortable to provide their views through social media. Entering the realm of social media helps Apple to demonstrate a healthy image of them and can assess their competitors on social media too. Public interaction can provide an insight into customer likings, preferences and views about the products. Apple can definitely benefit through this to make its services better and by implanting its marketing techniques in an effective manner.

Tapping into social media can provide apple the benefit of helping their media partners who provide content to Apple devices. It would provide social media integration to Apple devices. While it currently provides contact syncing among Apple devices, photo posting, update posting and video sharing, it can provide users with direct access to trends from twitter with a customized and integrated approach. It will allow Apple to integrate a social media browser by integrating Safari, Siri, iMessage chat service, Maps and Facetime to display results with location specific live trends to replace Google searches. It can further develop into a trending content app involving music, pictures, videos, apps, etc. It is a substantial benefit considering the need for heavy social media integration in the future.


Challenges in Future for Apple


Apple has a tough road ahead in the future with the sudden rise of its biggest competitor – Android. Apple has to improve and innovate substantially to hold its majority share in the market. Calculating the opinion after analyzing the iPhone 4s, Apple’s innovative engine seems to be running out of ideas. It has to innovate or create a different marketing strategy to survive gloriously in the mobile phone market as the competitor android has an open-source operating system which can be adapted by any other mobile company. This gives Apple the challenge to create efficient products improving in terms of physical and technological attributes. Apple is also currently in a phase of Leadership crisis after the death of Steve Jobs the customers might feel that the company has lost their edge and might not perform in the same manner. So the current leadership has the challenge of improvising and sustaining the name of the company and functioning in a progressive manner. Apple faces a heavy challenge from its competitors in the current scenario.

Apple’s Differentiation Strategy


Apple has a massive and effective product differentiation strategy which is evident in its endeavors. A successful example of Apple’s differentiation strategy is the iPhone, through which apple implemented it to make its product stand out different from products of the other companies. Apple has implemented its differentiation strategy through the following aspects: 1. Pricing Strategies: Apple sought out to demonstrate a different outlook by establishing the price of its products according to its quality but still maintaining a profit margin. It even counters the pricing on the iMac by providing a different array of prices rather than other “PC clones” providing products at low prices with thin profit margins. 2. Product Design: it is the primary factor of differentiation where apple succeeds. Apple products provide a simple but elegant and different product design style. The design of their products is the benchmark of their differentiation strategy.  It is a well known fact that when Apple introduced iPhone, iPod and iPad into the market there weren’t any similar looking products in the market which always gave them an edge over their competitors. 3. Brand Loyalty: Apple has been one of the most successful tech companies to have a loyal customer base. It has been well known that Apple customers wait in lines to get access to their new products. Their brand loyalty has helped them achieve a different level of differentiation from other companies. 4. Retail Outlets: Apple succeeds in differentiating themselves in terms of retail outlets by providing limited quantities to other retailers and focusing retail endeavors on their own outlets. For other resellers like Walmart and other online stores at a minimum advertized price. This strategy urges people to but from their own retail stores.


Apple’s Mission and Vision


Apple’s Mission Statement includes description about Apple’s products which are currently being used for respective departments like iMac and OS X, iWork and iLife for personal computers. Apple’s Music division implementing iPod and iTunes which is widespread and How Mobile phones have been re-invented through iPhone and iTunes. This mission statement didn’t include and innovation or bright plans for the future which is concerning as it just describes the their products which are in use and nothing else. Everybody knows Apple is better than that and people are a bit disappointed with it.

Apple CEO Tim Cook reveals his vision for apple for the year 2014 in the form of a video. In the video Time Cook mentions the environment and the surrounding and the broader picture related to it is he aims for Apple to produce globe changing products which aid is sustaining the environment. He aims for Apple to change the world for the better in a way. The vision is to improve and to reinvent and he reminds us our commitment to the environment. He hopes to achieve this by using greener materials and using clean energy to run the plants. In fact, he aims to run the plants through 100% clean energy like solar energy and wind energy and make use of the recycled products the upcoming product designs. This seems like he is also aiming to engage in fulfilling Apple’s Corporate Responsibility.



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