Case Study on Germany’s Real Refugee Crisis

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Germany’s Real Refugee Crisis., Wergin, Clemens.,
Retrieved from, 15th/ September/2015
This article highlights the migration of the refugees from Syria and Middle East to Germany and other parts of Europe and the situation of crisis that is developed due to that. There are various effects on the economies of these countries when they accommodate and accept such a large population. The foreign policies of Germany, U.S. and other European countries are concerned regarding this situation and they are trying to develop an appropriate course of action without any military help. Many decisions regarding the security issues and foreign policies have to be taken by the European countries themselves as the U.S. is not playing a pivotal role in establishing peace and solving these issues existing in the European countries, especially in Germany.
The main concern of the crisis is to fit the refugees in the country in such a way that it does not led to excessive pressure on all the other resources which would adversely affect its economy. Major part of the issue revolves around Germany where they are incapable of taking any major action that would succumb the activities carried out by Syria and also help in rehabilitation of the refugees. The German government also declined the proposal of imposing controlled military operation in these areas which was proposed by one of the most renowned German diplomat, Wolfgang Ischinger, in 2013.
The situation has simply worsened after then and there is an increasing pressure on the European countries, mostly the central and west part, from other explosive countries like Ukraine, Libya and few regions of the Africa. This involves taking advantage of the lack of management or ability to take decisions and excessive dependability of the European countries on U.S. for effectively handling the security of their regions.

The foreign ministers have to develop policies based on strict military action that would help in restabilising the peace and harmony in these regions. For this, they have to come together and instead of considering the sympathetic humanitarian side, they should also analyse the impact that their decisions have on the integrity, security and sovereignty of this entire region.
Thus, it can be seen that the article focuses on the flaws and incapabilities of Germany as well as entire European government to tackle the refugee crisis and also handle the increasing influence of unstable economies like Syria, Libya and other dynamic countries in these region.


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March 9, 2018

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