Case Study On Training, Development and Learning Flow adopted by General Electric Company

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GE Citizenship Case Study
General Electric (GE) is one of the largest company in US on the basis of the revenue that it generates. In 2011, t has been listed at the 6th position among the top 500 companies by Fortune 500. While, in 2012 it was the 4th largest company in the world according to Forbes Global 2000. It has a long history of about 119 years since its inception.
GE has achieved remarkable feats and milestones of success through inculcating different virtues and characteristics in their employees. It has been leading in the world in terms of technological innovation that it has made in different fields. The supportive and motivating atmosphere available at the GE Company makes it possible for the employees to explore their imagination and create innovative things that would take technology to a new paradigm. It can be seen from the slogan, “We Bring Good Things to Life” that was used by GE for over ages (Govindarajan & Gupta, 2001). It has been striving hard to imbibe innovation and creativity along with technical expertise and develop new products and services that would change the future of machines.
All the above things can be achieved through a systematic flow followed in the company regarding the training, development and learning of the employees. It has been discussed in the following sections.
It provides several training programs in the early career stages and they are:
Communications Leadership Development Program (CLDP): It helps to obtain the best and most innovative communication skills and public relations training.
Edison Engineering Development Program (EEDP): It develops technical skills and provides training regarding developing solutions to the engineering problems.
Graduate Engineering Training Program (GETP): It consists of developing and nurturing of talent that would be able to cope with number of challenges related engineering in manufacturing industries and other businesses which are related to GE.
Finance Management Program (FMP): It provides training related to the finance field that would help the students to sharpen their financial skills for carrying business with companies across the globe.
Information Technology Leadership Program (ITLP): It inculcates highly technical and proficient software development skills in the candidates.
Operations Management Leadership Program (OMLP): It guides the engineers regarding the different processes involved in the development of a product or a service. It ensures that the operations are understood and are performed in an innovative way that would save time, cost, energy and ensure that environment safety and security is held intact.
Commercial Leadership Program (CLP): It is a program which would help the candidates to learn global marketing concepts and strategies which are useful for ensuring growth and success of GE’s business.
GE also provides training related to the software leadership and development that would help any business to accelerate their growth and multiply its profit (Lakshman, 2005).
In the development stage, it provides a suitable and supportive environment that would inculcate various new ideas and concepts. The level of communication has been kept single and without any barriers and this provides a large number of opportunities to the employees to boost their inputs and develop state of its art technology. There is a large scope of personality as well as technical development of the employees due to the extensive programs provided by GE (Govindarajan & Gupta, 2001).
GE has opened the doors of learning for each and every one out there. In 1956, they created the Crotonville Institute for global leadership. It has been providing a perfect symphony in developing innovative ideas, concepts and solutions for various problems that have been faced by different industries across the globe due to the unavailability of appropriate technology. It is one of the first institute in the world to provide learning based leadership programs to graduates. It has set the benchmark for high standards of leadership and innovation and has been a pioneer in this field. It has the legendary John F. Welch Leadership Center which provides specialized leadership training to the candidates. It can be observed from its current slogan, “Imagination at Work” that it focuses on learning and innovation and imagination serves to be the foundation of innovation. It helps in developing new technologies that has helped in creation of useful machines that have revolutionized the engineering sector (Barreto, Anderson, Anglin, & Tomovic, 2010). Thus, GE provides lifelong learning to its employees throughout their career
There are many other initiatives where GE has set high standards for the world like the challenge of green manufacturing. It involves developing products through different processes with minimum effect on the environment. It has developed specific strategies for managing product’s life cycle. It has also initiated CSR programs where they have helped in generating financial and other help for the needy communities across different countries. It provides different volunteering programs to the employees which has helped in spiritual and social development of the employees and has led to the development of the society.

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