Case Study and Theory Relation on Child Learning with Disability


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Child Learning with Disability
Connecting case study with theories
Bio-ecological model refers to a structure that provides a clear dimension about the relationship between the genes and the environmental interactions that it has with the human development. It serves to be one of the most important science that provides a clear understanding of the factors that are responsible for the development of certain nature and behavior among the human. Genesis tends to be one of the most vital element in determining the behavior and attitude of the person. It involves developing an understanding between the psychology and the environment.
The case that has been taken into consideration includes a girl child of about 12 years. She studies in 6th grade and she suffers from learning and psychological disability. It has been obtained that here parents are not so well educated. Comparing it with the bio-ecological model, we get that genetic environment that she got has a role in the development of disability and it has developed in dimension due to the uneducated nature of the parents. Thus, it has also been obtained that the parents and the teachers should be provided with proper training regarding the counselling that is to be provided to help the children with disabilities related to the development of personality and learning abilities that would be helpful to her in the day to day life.
There are three levels of interaction that are observed in the genesis environment. It consists of Micro-level, Meso-level and the Macro-level of interactions. Micro-level refers to the interaction that takes place between an individual and the family members as well as other known people. Macro-level takes place between the international bodies across the globe. Meso-level interaction takes place with the interactions between the micro and the macro levels of the environment (THE BOARD OF STUDIES, 2013).
There are many theories of the bio-ecological model that have been developed. They tend to be the base for developing a critical understanding of the human behavior. There are many other attributes that contribute to the nature and attitude that has been developed within an individual. It is connected to the development of the brain and an understanding of the various processes that are to be followed for ensuring proper sustainment in the society.
Genesis refers to the inheriting of properties, virtues and other characteristics from the parents. There are many elements that are contributed from the person to their next generation. One of the most significant bio-ecological model has been developed by Bronfenbrenner where he focused on the development phase of the human psychology. He contradicted the contextual approach which focused on the results and proposed the developmental approach that reflects the development of the characteristics that are existing in an individual.
The development of genesis and the genetic influence of the people’s background tends to have an extensive effect on the development of disability and it is very significant in reducing its effect among the children. Proper care and counselling can help in motivating the children and overcome the problem of genetic influence that may lead to disability.
It also involves the factor that depends on analyzing the behavior that has to be inculcated among the children at a very early age. Genetic environment is very critical in determining the approach that a child would be having to different situations that he faces and other conditions that are from the point of view of adults. It has a widespread role in the development of psychology that the children’s disability would have to be among the population that has been treated and provided with [proper guidance through counselling of the parents.
Summarizing an article
An article has been discussed that shows the relationship between the parental education and its effect on removing the reading disability of the children. There are many factors which contribute to the development of disability among the children. In this article, the researchers have developed a relation between the education of the parents and its effect on the level of disabilities that are existing in the society (Friend, DeFries, & Olson, 2008).
The behavior and attitude of human can be reflected through their psychology and it is very critical to develop an appropriate one through the counselling and guidance provided by the parents. The education of the parents has been considered for the same. The number of years for which the parents studied, in terms of their qualification and the genetic development of their child having any disability was evaluated. Environmental influence on the child is also very critical. It helps in obtaining a solution to the problem that has been persisting in the education process and there are many elements that contribute to the development of the psychology on the basis of the environmental influence that it has.
It was observed that the influence of the genesis was higher on the children whose parents were high educated. In such cases, there was hardly any environmental influence on the minds of the child. The influence of the environment was higher on the children whose parents did not have extensive education and were having less genetic influence on the children.
It has been established through the research carried in the provided article that the level of education has a direct relation with the genetic influence on a child and that environmental influence is inversely related to the characteristics that is carried among the individuals as shown in the research.
There are several remedies and implications that have been developed for inducing the characteristics and other kinds of behavior in the individual. It has been evaluated through a direct evaluation of education and the development if genetic disability on the basis of the factors that are existing in the inculcation of effects that is developed on the basis of the effects that it has on the psychology and other factors of disability.
There is a direct relationship between genetic development and disability, but it should be observed that an individual having disability that is based on genesis can be treated through intensive structure and development process that can be carried on them. There is an extensive level of support and care that has to be provided for solving the genetically developed problem. It is very important to adopt proper and systematic approach to the bio-ecological cycle that would help in understating the development of disability. These theories and the article that has been discussed has a significant contribution in the development of techniques for treating disabilities among the children.

Friend, A., DeFries, J. C., & Olson, R. K. (2008). Parental education moderates genetic influences on reading disability. Psychological Science, 19(11),, 1124-1130.
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