Case study on Trading at the cost of Life

Trading at the Cost of Life
A Case Study

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Uzbekistan is well known for its white gold cotton industry. One of the largest industries, cotton plant is also known as an important source of food and feed products. There are various stages in the cotton supply chain network initializing from the farm to the finished product. Cotton is ginned, traded, spun, dyed, and weaved to finish into clothing. To accomplish best yields a lot of genius requirements are ensured.

There are various charges of labor right as a key to sustainable growth of cotton, engaged with forced child labor which is alarmingly increasing in the cotton industry. Critical torture is employed by the Uzbek Government at any level. Due to underinvestment, instead of the use of machines cotton is harvested by hands. The acute need for labor so as to reduce the cost expenses, forces the government at state levels, for children to complete most of the cotton harvesting work. Even the schools are closed during the harvesting season. Children are endured being exposed to hazardous pesticides, long hours of grueling labor and also abused physically and sexually. They work in extreme temperatures with malnutrition and unhealthy living atmosphere. (Child Labour in Uzbek Cotton Production, 2011)
The Uzbek Government, Poor farmers, the Textile Industry, the Rural Population of Uzbekistan being the key stake holders have to face multiple policy options to improve the performing cotton production both economically as well as ecologically. Each holder has to face numerous tasks, monitoring each activity to maximize the revenues. (Djanibekov, Rudenko, Lamers, & Bobojonov, 2010)

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Djanibekov, N., Rudenko, I., Lamers, J. P., & Bobojonov, I. (2010). Food Policy For Developing Countries. Pros And Cons of Cotton Production in Uzbekistan , 9-11.


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March 8, 2018

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