Critique on United Nations and International Conflicts


The article in question details opinions regarding the proposed fact that United Nations has been active in avoiding and resolving international conflicts and has succeeded to bring an atmosphere of world peace. This article contains arguments which can be declared baseless and misinformed. One such arguments is that the United Nations has been successful in resolving international conflicts through introduction of reform and dialogue between countries involved in the conflict. Another such argument which can be conveniently challenged is that UN Blue Berets are assigned to crisis zones for peacekeeping measures. These arguments will be challenged further.
Critique of Arguments

Firstly, United Nations has been considered by many as a forum for debate among the spokespersons of countries who have no real power of action in their own countries. This means that direct and independent decisions cannot be taken rapidly through United Nations Council. United Nations hasn’t been successful in resolving major international conflicts which endanger the national security of multiple countries not once but in many cases.
The most crucial and damaging international conflict going on since years is terrorism. United Nations boasts that it has been successful in resolving issues between countries after cold war but terrorism is a situation which doesn’t require a war between countries. Despite that, it damages countries in many ways. United Nations doesn’t have a clear definition for terrorism as such and are unable to put a leash on terrorist actions as such. (Human Rights Voices, 2015) They can be resolved by extending dialogue with countries where terrorist groups are reported. ISIS is currently occupying regions between Syria and Iraq which are facing a major impact due to the actions of ISIS but any noticeable action hasn’t been executed by United Nations. (Scaefer & Harkness, 2014) Another such event can be listed as the situation in Sri Lanka where attacks by the separatist group Tamil Tigers which forced 196000 people to escape for their lives and 50000 people have been captured. In the declared safe-zone, 6,500 people were killed in April 2009 for which dialogue wasn’t extended by United Nations. (Harrison, 2012)
Another major failure by United Nations can be declared as the resolution which was passed on Sudan regarding the Darfur Region. Security Council did not act as required to resolve the conflict and it was declared as a major failure in the history of United Nations. Blue Berets weren’t released in the area where help was required. (Human Rights Watch, 2004)

Author’s arguments regarding the active role of United Nations in resolving conflict are deeply flawed as there are many more instances where United Nations either did not take any action, or was unable to bring a resolution to the conflict. It is commendable that many Blue Berets have lost their lives in resolving the conflicts but it does not hide the fact that the measure of United Nations haven’t been enough to bring peace in multiple situations of International Conflict. There are evidences of their actions but the argument about maintaining peace after cold war can be considered very weak in the light of many issues in which UN had no involvement when required.
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March 8, 2018

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