Essay on Ancient history of the first invaders of Australia

Ancient history of the first invaders of Australia

The discovery of Australia has been a very discussed and debated topic in history. British were the last one to invade Australia in 1787. However, the debate is over the topic to who was the first one to invade Australia.
It has been observed that European rulers invaded and explored Australia from the sixteenth century, which is from 1606 till 1770. But there are few researches and archaeological investigations which point to the invasion of Australia by the Arabs in as early as 900 A.D (Reynolds, 2006). These archaeological excavations include the Arabic minted coins that were found on an island in Northern Australia above 70 years ago in 1944 (Gornall, 2013).
The coins were first found by Maurie Isenberg an Australian soldier in 1944. Prof Mcintosh has been working on his doctorate on this islands which bears the name of a ruling Sultan of Kilwa. There has also been discoveries of Arab style dhow that was founded off An Indonesian island of Belitung (Head, 2000). Thus, it can be concluded only after a thorough study and research that who was the first one invade and discover Australia.

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March 9, 2018

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