Essay on Coaching Styles for Volleyball

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Outline: Coaching style and philosophy
Coaching style:
I would be using the guidance theory for training the volleyball players of high school as a coach.
• Guidance theory:
In this style, players have the freedom of exploring their skills through various options provided by the coach. In this, I would be develop the skills and experiences of the players for getting their best performance (Harrison, Fellingham, Buck, & Pellett, 2010).
Evaluation of the current team:
Adoption of the coaching style would depend on the skill levels of the players. This would require evaluation of the skills and experience of the current players.
In this section, the current team would be analysed based on their skills, experience and ability to handle stress. On the basis of this, coaching style will be selected.
Coaching plan:
I would be developing a plan as per my style of coaching and this plan includes:
• Identifying the current skills of the players
• Developing measures to improve the skills
• Preparing a Timetable for their practice and scheduling it.
• Ensuring proper diet and exercise for the players
• Carrying effective volleyball drills like Front- Back challenge, Black Sheep drilling, overhead digging, underhand passing, overhead passing, serving and spiking for improving the volleyball skills of the team
• Providing proper counselling for maintaining physical and mental strength.
Coaching philosophy:
After developing the coaching style, a suitable philosophy of coaching would be followed based on the below elements:
Motivation: I would motivate the players to provide their best.
Discipline: I would inculcate strict disciplines which would help the players to follow a timetable and optimize their time and efforts.
Dedication: I would be imbibing dedication in the players for observing consistent good performance.
Hardwork: I would explain them the importance of Hardwork and provide them with the right path for emerging as the best volleyball team.
Mentoring: I would continuously motivate and provide counselling to the players which would help in mentoring them.
Zeal and enthusiasm: I would maintain the energy and enthusiasm in the team members through constructive and interactive sessions.
Long term vision: I have a long term vision of seeing our high school volleyball team as a state champion and maintain the tag of being a champion for the coming years.

Harrison, J. M., Fellingham, G. W., Buck, M. M., & Pellett, T. L. (2010). Effects of practice and command styles on rate of change in volleyball performance and self-efficacy of high-, medium-, and low-skilled learners. Journal of Teaching in Physical education,, 328-328.


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March 9, 2018

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