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The following essay is about the secondary storage unit of a computer- the hard drive. It is a very critical part of the system and even though computers have been enhanced, there is always the need of a hard drive.


The Hard Disk Drive (HDD) has been critically used by all computer manufacturing companies since its creation. Hard disks were introduced by IBM in 1956 and they have been taken in use as well recognized auxiliary storage since then. IBM was a supreme pioneer in the IT industry and the time and bringing out the hard drives in their initial IBM pc modules proved considerately fruitful as the same model is still used now to construct personal computers. (Govindarajalu, 2004) (Bandic Zvonimir, 2008)


A Hard Disk Drive follows a particular method of construction which includes multiple platters of magnetic disks arranged on a common spindle which include magnetic surfaces on both sides. Initially aluminum disks were treated with oxide coatings. Then, the next advancement was the usage of film disks. A read/write head is used to browse the contents of the magnetic disks. (Govindarajalu, 2004)


Compared to its version in the origin the current hard drives have 8 times more data storage space and store more data in contrary to their sizes. The maximum possible storage space has extended from megabytes to gigabytes to the currently in use- Terabyte. All computers and laptops manufactured within the last two years have been showing data storage capacities of terabytes which depicts how the world of hard drives has enhanced throughout the years and it’s not looking back by any chance. People have started using cloud storage but the providers use hard drives themselves. This sums up how HDDs originated from a single company and dominated the PC architecture. (Bandic Zvonimir, 2008)

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