Essay on Labor Laws Regarding Working hours and Leaves

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Labor Laws Regarding Working hours and Leave

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Provisions Regarding Working Hours and Leaves in UAE Labor Law

The Labor Laws for Working hours and Leaves are discussed in detail hereby which are widely followed in UAE by Companies and Organizations. We begin by examining Article No. 65 in UAE Labor Law which says that the most possible normal working hours assigned to an adult employee which is 8 hours a day or 48 hours a week and it can be stretched to 9 hours for private establishments, security guards, eateries, etc. For the type of work which is fatal to life, the hours may decrease as decided by the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs. (UAE Labour Law, 1980)

It is mentioned that normally, an employee shall not constantly work for more than 5 hours without a recess for refreshments and prayer which shall not stretch for more than an hour but in other working conditions like day-n-night shift jobs and factories and production houses where continuous work is demanded, the regulations will be as the aforementioned Minister decides. (UAE Labour Law, 1980)

Collectively, Articles 67 to 71 are related to overtime and additional pay on overtime. It is strongly noted that an employee is to be paid according to the extra working hours and additionally 25% of this added pay if the employee works more than the regular working hours. It is described that an employee is granted a normal pay and an additional 50% pay if the employee works more than the normal working hours that also specifically between 9 PM to 4 PM if the situation demands. Additional work is not to exceed for more than two hours except for averting a major loss or a critical accident and for making its aftermath easier. As Friday is normally a holiday for the week in UAE leaving out the people working on daily wage basis, an employee is to be rewarded with 50% surplus on the regular pay or is to be given an off day for resting and an employee is not supposed to work for more than 2 Fridays in a row. (UAE Labour Law, 1980)

The rules mentioned in this portion do not apply for senior citizens and port workers in the loading department. And as a last note, there is a provision requiring the office or company to put a notice board in the entry area and to be submitted to the labour department and the internal decisions regarding exceptions in special conditions are taken by the minister of Labour and Special Affairs. (UAE Labour Law, 1980)

In labour laws, there are certain pre-assigned holidays for which an employee is given full pay. And an employee is granted an annual leave for two days in a month if an employee has been working for 6 months- one year and 30 days in a year if an employee has been working for more than a year. (, 2014)

In Article 76-81, the policy regarding Annual Leave is discussed wherein, it is mentioned that other than newcomers, an employee can decide when to start his annual leave and it is on the employee himself to determine whether he wants to divide the annual leave in two parts. The leave includes public holidays and any occurrences of sickness during its span. If a worker decides not to opt for his annual leave during the year, he cannot carry forward that leave to make use of it later, though he is paid on the basis of daily wages for the days he works and he is supposed to paid for the days of the annual leave if an employee is let go, if he himself leaves the service after giving a timely notice and the pay is determined on the basis of his maturity at the end of the leave and is paid before he departs. (, 2014)

Articles 82-86 are about Sick Leaves wherein, it is denoted that if the employee suffers from a labour injury, he is advised to contact the employer within two days, so that the employers can assist the employee for a medical checkup. An employee is not paid during sick leave if he is suffering from the sickness due to misbehavior (i.e. due to influence of alcohol/narcotic) and an employee can be terminated if he doesn’t resume his job when the sick leave ends but the employer cannot terminate the employee from work while the employee is on leave according to the above discussed terms. (, 2014) (UAE Labour Law, 1980)

Etisalat confirms and assures to be following the labour laws aiming to be a preferred Employer in UAE, as it is one of the social goals of the company. Employees of Etisalat work in two shifts collectively 7 hours a day, 5 days a week following the UAE labour laws regarding working hours strictly. There is a decrement of two hours all along the month of Ramadan and Etisalat reduced their working hours especially for the month of Ramadan, the timings were declared as 8 AM to 2 PM and 9 PM to 11 PM on Sunday to Thursday and 9 AM to 2 PM on Saturday. It is evident from the above-mentioned information about Etisalat that they follow Labor Laws of UAE with Austerity. (, 2010) (, 2011) (, 2013)

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March 7, 2018

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