Essay on Gamification of Education – Using Video Games and Animation for Education Purpose

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Gamification and Changing the World
In the 21st century, the level and quality of animation and graphics have reached great heights. It has a major contribution on the development of various video games for the kids where there are an increasing number of games that are based on providing learning and knowledge regarding useful things to the kids.
The effects of the games are discussed below:
Are Video games a waste of time?
Video games are not actually waste of time if they are utilized with proper guidance. Parental guidance or guidance from any other elders should be provided to the kids while they select a video game for playing.
Why or why not?
It should be made sure that the video games that the kids play does not contain violence, adult content and other forms of destruction and robbery. Video games tend to be a waste of time for the kids as the time during the childhood is the best time for learning. So, wise choices have to be made from the adult’s side to make sure that video games do not result simply into a waste of time.
Example of how video games are used in education
There are many educational video games available in the market, both online as well as offline. Reach for the Sun is one such game that has been taken into consideration (FILAMENT GAMES.COM, 2016).
Evaluating the game
It is a very interesting game in which there is a single player who controls the entire process of growth of plant right from the seeds to collection of new seeds from it. There are three main resources available for that task and they are starch, water and nutrients. It provides a complete and upfront knowledge regarding the different stages of plant growth and how new plants are grown from the seeds present in the flowers through pollen grains. All the seeds from the plants are to be collected before the outbreak of winter.
The graphics are very interesting and child friendly. Multiple colors are used and the transition between the stages of growth is shown beautifully.
Sound and development
The sound is very light and motivational. It has perfect timing of sound for the different stages of growth that are observed during the growth of the plant in the game.
Fulfillment of Education purpose and application in the real world:
The game is very educational as it helps the kids to learn the entire process of growth of plants from seeds. The process of development of flowers, leaves and other such parts have been shown through effective learning and creative cartoons and animations have been displayed throughout the game. It helps in active learning and involvement of the kids during the entire scientific process of growth of plants (FILAMENT GAMES.COM, 2016) .

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March 10, 2018

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