Essay on Germany and Polynesia

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European history, especially the German history, has been full of events, mass movements and reformations. Europe has its influence on the territories that were once ruled by them like the Polynesia. There has been a huge influence of the missionaries on the culture in Polynesia and these missionaries first came here in the late 1700 century AD. There are many small islands that together comprise Polynesia and the 21st century, more than 70% of their population stays in Hawaii. Germany has its history spread along the ages of the Stone Age man. It has gone cultural, historical and habitual transformations in the last few centuries starting from 1500.
Comparing and contrasting:
The incidences of reformations and national movements are observed in Germany in the beginning of the 16th century, due to the increasing discontent among the people regarding the practices prevailing in the German culture. On the other hand, the incidences of reformation and mass movement in Polynesia started with the independence of Samoa Island from New Zealand in 1962. Since then, different islands in Polynesia that are not habited by people have been a site for nuclear tests.
In the earlier century, in 1896, there was a movement known as “German Youth Movement” and more than 8 million children became a part of it by 1938. Germany also has the “European Movement Germany” network for coordinating with the European government. Polynesia has passed its major movement in 2011, that consists of the “Polynesian Leaders Group” and it consists of the eight territories or kingdoms that come under Polynesia. Among these eight territories, five are self-governed and non-sovereign; whereas three are sovereign.


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March 10, 2018

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