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Giselle: A romantic Ballet
Giselle is a ballet that has been developed in two parts that is carried out through acts. It is based on love triangle that has been developed between Giselle, Albrecht and Hilarion. Giselle and Albrecht were in love with each other. Hilarion was in love with Giselle. Albrecht was a noblemen. But, for Giselle, he had transformed and disguised as a humble villager named Loys. He then met Giselle and expressed his feelings to Giselle. He had won the hearts of Giselle. But, there is a twist in their love story, when Hilarion who was in love with Giselle had suspicion on Loys being a humble villager. He even tried to tell Giselle that Albrecht was not the right choice for her. But, Giselle being so blindfolded in the love of Loys (Albrecht) did not consider Hilarion’s warnings and she even opposed her mother Berthe, who did not like her bonding and relationship with Loys (Alderson, 1986).
Albrecht, who was disguised as Loys enjoyed his stay in the village where he left all the accessories like swords and clothes of a noblemen and stayed in the village while loving Giselle. The story has been made very interesting through thrilling suspense and twists in between when there are few scenes where the audience is left into ambiguity. One of such scenes was when the noblemen came to the village for resting and having some refreshments when they were hunting. Albrecht saw them and he left right away to hide himself before the noblemen could recognize him. He was successful in hiding himself. The scene took a turn when Hilarion came with the sword that was made finely and it displayed that Albrecht was not a common villager, but he was a noblemen. He also disclosed that Albrecht was engaged to Bathilde, who was the daughter of the Duke of Courtland. On realizing the truth of Albrecht, Giselle’s heart was broken into pieces. When she realized that she and Albrecht cannot live together, she started dancing violently and as she was very delicate and having a weak heart, she fainted and her heart gave up. It could not bear the immense pain that Giselle had witnessed. This is the end of the first part which fills the eyes of the viewers with tears when Berthe cries on the death of her daughter Giselle. It is a very emotional scene. We enjoyed the first act thoroughly as it is a mix of romance as well as thrill that persists throughout the act. It can be stated as a true romantic act that shows boundless love between Giselle and Albrecht.
The second act starts on the same note, when Giselle dies. During the night when Giselle died, Hilarion went to her grave to mourn for her. But, to his shock he found Willis, that were the ghosts of the ladies and unmarried women had observed betrayal in their love. Myrtha was the queen of the ghosts. They took the life of Hilarion and then they also tried to kill Albrecht, but Giselle, still loved despite of the betrayal that she got from him. The plea of Giselle was turned down by Myrtha and they force Albrecht to dance till he dies. However, it was the love of Giselle that reduced the magical powers of Myrtha and Albrecht’s life was saved. Giselle was able to break the chains of hatred that was developed by Wilis and Myrtha and they were released. Thus, the second act was a mere display of magical powers and symbolized the triumph of true love against it where Giselle even after dying and getting betrayed by Albrecht, saved his life through her intense and true love.
In this way, the two acts very well represent the different stages of love that include caring for each other, getting betrayed, forgiving the loved one and then fighting for the love. It is a complete combination of love and hatred that is displayed in a tyrannical manner. We liked it because it touched our hearts through an emotional narration of romance.
Alderson, E. (1986). Ballet as Ideology: Giselle Act. Dance Chronicle, 290-304.


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March 10, 2018

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