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Table of Contents
1. Overview: 2
1.1. Introduction 2
1.2. Geography of USA: 2
1.3. Demographic Information 3
1.4. Economy and Politics 3
2. Media Systems in USA 4
2.1. Media Theories and Political Philosophies 4
2.2. Barriers and Influences to Media Development 4
3. Country Details 5
3.1. Media Systems 5
3.2. Media Overview 5
3.3. Emerging Trends 6
4. Conclusion 6

The scenario of the media systems in the US has evolved largely with the increasing awareness among the people regarding the events and the transition of technologies across the globe. The advancement of the social media has led to the awareness among the people regarding the businesses and options that are available in different fields. US has always been known for its innovation in various fields like the concept of Mc Donald’s and KFC food chain and the extremely popular Walmart supply chain. The widespread geography of USA has made it possible to use the benefit of both the hot as well as cold temperature zones in the development of the media (Gunzerath, 2012). There is a difference in the life styles and the living standards across the states in USA.

Geography of USA:

Demographic Information
The division of the population on the basis of various factors is termed as the demographic information of a nation. In USA, the population is categorized on the basis of age group where the population of people above 65 years is going to be increasing from 12% to 20% till 2050. On the other hand, the number of young people and the working population is expected to be up to 45% in 2050 which is much better than the other superpowers like China, Japan and Europe. This would be due to the consistency in the fertility rate per woman which would be above 2 in US which has tremendously dropped in the other nations (Kurz, 2011).

(Kurz, 2011)

Economy and Politics
The economy of USA has been evolving since years as it promises to be one of the most promising center for industries, it companies, fashion and food chains along with the development of other businesses. The economy has developed itself from the recession that it was facing in the late 20th century. The political background has been creating the news and journalism has evolved due to the revolution brought by the advancement in technology (Gunzerath, 2012).

Media Systems in USA
There are various modes through which the media systems has evolved in US. We are going to discuss few of its elements in the article.
Media Theories and Political Philosophies
The theories related to the media and press were first developed by Siebert, Peterson and Schramm in 1956, in the “Four Theories of the Press”. They compared the existence and the proper utilization of the media systems in USA during those times. During those times, the political rules were not liberal for the acceptance of liberalized views and opinions in politics like it is today. Though the structure of the political and the economic system has improved a lot since these years. Hallin and Mancini in 2004, developed advanced study and research on the structure of the media systems and they provided three models on the media and politics that are observed in USA. These three models were based on the dimensions of newspaper and journalism industry, the political considerations, professionalism and the role of the state in the development of the media system (Kurz, 2011).
Barriers and Influences to Media Development
There were various barriers that are created in the acceptance of the laws and enforcements by the US government. This can be seen from the opposition to the strictness that was to be imposed on the use and possession of hand guns in US. However, there were mixed views of the people in different states which led to the liberalized laws in certain states which has led to influencing the media and its usage to cover the issues. Another issue that was observed was when there was liberalization of few rules related to the sales and production of weed in certain states of US. There has been ban imposed on the use of weed in certain states owing to the flexibility that US government offers to the development of laws in the states (Kawamoto, 2003).
Country Details
The use of the media and its widespread reach among the number of people in US has been developed due to the creation of various bodies and councils that help providing the setup for the entire scenario.
Media Systems
There are various bodies developed in US by the government as well as private bodies that are trusted and signed through the government to ensure the righteousness and reliability of the media sources in drawing the attention of the people and providing them with the information.
Us government has developed bodies like USAID which stands for “U.S. Agency for International Development”. They have various departments like the Democracy and Governance as well as Transition Initiatives which helps in dealing with the dealing of the projects and the crisis that are related to the development and utilization of the media that is present in USA.
There are various non- profit organizations like “Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor (DRL)” and “ The Centre for International Media Assistance (CIMA)” which are dedicated to the proper display and providing assistance to the use of media and its sources in USA.
There are various other groups that are based in US states like “International Center for Journalists (ICFJ)” and “Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF)” which help in the development of the media that is being used in the country for various purposes ranging from the development of laws, policies to the contribution of the people in the country’s economy. They also handle the bodies which have to make sure that the genuineness and reality of the truth is transferred to the people through the use of different media systems.

Media Overview
The modes that are used for the transfer of media range from using the social media in the form of networking sites to the age old procedure of using the radio and television as the medium for the increased awareness among the people. Along with that, publishing the news and other information in the newspapers and magazines also serve to be one of the most significant method of spreading the news and information among the countrymen.

Newspapers & magazines:
The section of the society that is largely affected by them are the people mostly belonging to higher age and working group. They largely believe the facts mentioned there as they sometimes have limited access to the outer world.
Radio & Television:
It helps in reaching the largest section of the people across the USA which helps in creating awareness and entertain people in the US.
Internet and Social media:
The use of internet has increased exponentially over the ages and this has large impact on the younger section of the society which are very much prone to any sort of addiction or belief due to their sensitiveness and immaturity. However, it has also helped to connect people and generate awareness through its extended use.
Emerging Trends
There has been increase in the use of the social networking websites and apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat and Skype. This has increased the connectivity among the people at various places within the country and it has made sharing of media possible too. The influence of these tools serves to be one of the most important element of the media. These emerging trends in the medium of propagating the news and developing awareness among the people regarding various issues has gained popularity since ages and this has helped to increase the viewers and has widespread increased the reach of the news and other modes of media. The media has developed tremendously and its effects have also emerged so as to affect and reach a large number of population in USA. They have an immense effect on the attitudes and the behavior of the people in the society.
There has to be clarity and specificity in the information that is being transmitted and displayed over the different media among the people. The genuineness of the news has to be ensured and ethical terms of people and different communities are to be considered on the whole to develop the media and propagate it through different sources among the people. There has to be increasing use of motivational and inspirational stories and news so as to help the people to overcome their difficulties and problems and contribute to the development of the nation (McChesney, 2004). The use of the social media has to be carried out cautiously while considering the sentiments of the people and taking special precautions in the display of the information across the media.


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