Essay on Global Role and Awareness of Career and Technical Education

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Global Role and Awareness of Career and Technical Education
There are many benefits of inculcating global independence through acquiring career and technical education in international universities and institutions. There have been many improvements and modifications made in the international curriculum across the globe which would provide large number of opportunities to the individuals. There is a need to develop a global outlook in the international field of education and training. This is due to the development of the global economy and growth of international trade.
The effectiveness of training and education in cross-cultural exposure has been evaluated through examples of agricultural and other fields. There are many international comparisons which show the number of students who are pursuing different courses in the foreign countries. It has been obtained through the number of youth involved in vocational curriculum, in postsecondary level and at university level for different countries across the globe.
It also states the western influence in the field of career and technical education for imbibing vocational education in their curriculum. However, it can be seen that it is not suitable for developing countries due to the high costs involved in setting up of training and learning centers of vocational education. There are many differences in opinion of the people from different countries regarding the utilization of vocational training. Many countries have identified that it is not suitable for their students as it involves many complexities in it like unavailability of proper faculty, high cost courses and very less adoption of technology in the courses.
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March 10, 2018

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