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Priority medicines for Europe and the World
“A public health approach to innovation”
(Duthey, 2013)

There has been a tremendous increase in the noise pollution across the globe. Due to it and other birth defects, there is an alarming percentage of population that is suffering hearing impairment in the world. This figures have been provided in the selected article developed by Beatrice Duthey. It was stated by WHO that the number of people that were having hearing impairments in 2008 were about 360 million of the total population which represents about 5.3% of the total population of the world. The gender demographics related to hearing impairment has also be obtained and it shows that about 183 males who were above 15 years suffered from hearing impairment and about 145 million females suffered from the impairment issues.
It has been found that the hearing impairment is more common in the developing and underdeveloped countries due to many complexities present there. It is because of the many infections that are acquired by the child after birth like meningitis, measles and other such infections.
Key issues
The key issues that are discussed in the article by the author includes the following elements:
• Demographics across different countries that show unequal distribution and statistics.
• Current conditions prevailing among the people across the globe.
Scientific reasons
• Insufficient diagnosis of the hearing impairment problem.
• Ignorance or Lack of awareness among the people.
• Absence of epidemiological information
• Improper vaccination facilities and extreme poverty in underdeveloped and developing countries.
Scientific medication
• Primordial prevention would be one for the best solution for preventing hearing loss.
• Secondary and tertiary prevention
• Avoid usage of many ototoxic medicines as it may lead to hearing loss on a long run.
• Rehabilitation through Audiology
• Insufficient utilization of the hearing devices.
• Large amount of population that is aging.
Scientific interventions:
There are many measures and efforts that are continuously carried out to fight the problem of haring loss among the individuals. In one such process, there were few medical solutions obtained like development of the scavengers and Antioxidants belonging to various categories and having specific formula or ingredients. Few of them are Sodium thiosulphate (STS). Alpha Lipoic Acid, N- acetylcysteine, Ginkgo Biloba.
There were new anti-inflammatory medicines or components that are developed and they are:
Aspirin or Salicylate;
TNF-α inhibitors
Anti – apoptotic agents.
He has also described that there are few new drugs that have the potential to treat hearing loss in an individual and they have been tested on animals. These drugs are in the form of Interference of the RNA, the cochlea plant, administering drug to the root, D-Methionine, Resveratrol, Neurotrophic variables, Caspase Inhibitors and so on.
Discussing the issues
The author has discussed the current scope of treatment and medication that is being carried out that involves use of many medicines, anti-oxidants and agents that have been mentioned above. There are many precautions to be taken especially, in the underdeveloped and developing countries where there is a huge population living below the poverty line. Providing free vaccines serves to be one of the most significant task that has to be accomplished for each and every disease, disorder among the children before the age of 2 years. There has to be special funding that is developed through the economic functions carried by the government such that there is sufficient amount of medical facilities and basic vaccines are provided to the children across the world.

The author has discussed the issue through highlighting the use of the new anti-inflammatory and other medicinal agents that have the potential to restrict the hearing loss from increasing and in many cases it even improves the hearing capacity of a person with partial hearing impairment.

Thus, it can be observed that the author has carried an extensive research regarding the information and knowledge regarding the measures that have been taken and are to be taken in the future for improving the condition of the hearing impaired people. It requires collective efforts from everyone where each and everyone of us play a significant role in preventing it from occurring among the kids in the society. Avoiding immensely loud noises during the pregnancy is also not advisable. The child should be provided with proper medication and vaccination that would ensure that there are hardly any new cases of hearing impairment by birth.
For preventing or treating hearing impairment from occurring among the adults, effective hearing aids, ear gear and durable ear plugs have to be adopted on a large scale to ensure its effectiveness. The current trend of aging and increasing hearing loss problems provides an estimation that there would be a large share of the population that would be suffering from hearing impairment. This has to be avoided by taking proper care and spreading awareness among the masses across the globe.
Duthey, B. (2013). Priority medicines for europe and the world:“a public health approach to innovation”. WHO Background paper, 6., 1 – 50.


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