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Human services worker for developmental disabilities
Developmental disability refers to a medical condition in which the person has mental or physical impairments and they are unable to perform their daily routine tasks and carry other such movements with their body. They have very less control over their brain and have problems in learning and hence they are not self-dependent. They always need some kind of assistance to regularly perform their tasks. People suffering from developmental disability have different types of this condition and their symptoms as well as effects differ from one person to another. For guiding and helping the people who are suffering from developmental disability, there are different volunteering programs developed across the globe (Wehmeyer, 2007).
There are other features that the developmental services or human services worker has to observe while carrying their tasks and these features are mentioned below.
Providing person-directed support
As we have mentioned above, each and every case of developmental disability is different from one another, though all of them require one thing, that is are. The people who are suffering from developmental disability are either born with it or they acquire it within 18 years and they would be having it for the rest of their life. However, these people are capable of possessing unexplored talent that would help them in becoming athlete, sportsperson, artist and other such achievements. The only thing that they require is individual support and this can be provided with the help of person directed support (Caldwell, 2007).
Person directed support includes providing the person with developmental disability with special care that would help them to explore their talents and develop it to such a level that they can pursue their dreams through it. It would help them in living a more systematic and balanced life through the compassion and care provided by the human services workers. A human services worker has to take special care of the needs of the people that are suffering from developmental and intellectual disabilities.
Respect and promote self – determination
As mentioned above, providing care and love to the person with developmental disabilities would also respect and promote self-determination among them. It would help them to live with respect and stand with a good level of self-confidence with them. By providing them with care and showing respect makes them feel that they too are the part of the society and gives them the feeling of getting inclusive in their communities.
Self-determination is one such quality or virtue that would help the people with these disabilities to reach great heights in their lives and achieve magnificent things for them. It would in developing their self-respect which would in return boost their confidence and they would be able to dream big. They would also achieve their dreams through self-determination quality that has been developed through training with love and compassion. By promoting self-determination among these people, the entire community can be uplifted through their extra-ordinary talent and skills that needs to be identified and then explored through consistent motivation and self-determination (Wehmeyer, 2007). When a human service worker promotes self-determination qualities and inculcates respect for themselves within the people with developmental disabilities, it provides the people with these disabilities with amazing strength, power and energy that would help them achieve anything they want.
Support health and well-being of people with intellectual disabilities.
By providing the person with developmental disabilities with extensive care and support and helping them feel inclusive in the community, their health and well-being would be promoted. These are the people with intellectual disabilities where they cannot easily learn things, evaluate and analyze it in their mind and can also not develop movement abilities (Rosenbaum & Stewart, 2004). The health and well-being of the people with intellectual communities should be provided with the help of a human services worker and they should be able to provide extensive support with the feeling of love, intricateness and care.
The human services worker should take special care of the health and well-being of the people with these disabilities. This would ensure that they stay in good health and then only they can learn various skills and develop their talents. Thus, supporting the health and well-being of the people with intellectual disabilities is necessary to inculcate a feeling of belongingness among them and helps in developing leadership qualities along with the feeling of inclusive communities for them.
Thus, it can be seen that by providing person-directed support, respect and promoting self-determination among the people with developmental disabilities would result in their well-being and good health.
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