Essay on International Security

Essay on international security

Q.1) Discuss the trend from national security to international security. What are the main areas of concern for the study of world politics? How should the global community respond to new threats?

National security refers to the state which ensures that the integrity with respect to the politics, economics and sociology is maintained in a nation. It involves various steps and measures that have to be implemented to make sure that the security of the nation is kept intact. It also focusses on developing strategies related to different fields that have a direct effect on the life of the people living in the country (Katzenstein, 1996.).
International security on the other hand refers to the concept and practises that are execute d among the different nations to make sure about each and every nation’s integrity, survival as well as the safety. It involves developing agreements and signing peace bonds between the nations to avoid any kind of tension among them that would disturb the life of the people in the respective nations (Joseph S. Nye & Lynn-Jones, 1988).
There has been a great influence of the national security on the process and development of international security. It provides the nations with an opportunity to threaten the nations where national security is weak. However, there are several organizations like the Human Rights Association and the United Nations that work in establishing rules and measures to ensure the integrity and security of the nations across the globe. It implements various checks on the practises followed by the nations that has the potential to harm or affect the security of another nation (Katzenstein, 1996.).
Areas of concern for the World Politics:
In terms of the security pertaining to the national as well as international security, there are various areas that are very sensitive and require to be concerned immediately. These areas include the various inhuman and unethical practices that are going on in the nations that has its effects on the World Politics.
These areas include the violence that is happening against the women, gender discrimination in various fields, poverty, breaching of the human rights for various individuals that involve women, poor people and minority class of the society. This areas have to be taken in to consideration and are a matter of great concern that the various nations are facing. The nations have to ensure strict laws in its judicial system that would provide severe punishment to the individuals who are involved in such inhuman and unethical acts (Booth & Wheeler, 2007). The people in different countries have to come and fight together to completely eradicate such acts and beliefs from the society. There has to be several amendments in the law that provides the minor, poor people and women with the right and power from their side to fight against any sort of injustice that is observed against them in the form of behaviour, attitude and treatment by the other people (Stewart, 2006).
New threats to the Global community:
There is a tremendously increasing threat of the nuclear war breakdown between the nations. This serves to be one of the biggest threat to the entire mankind. This kind of threat has been developed due to the increasing insecurities among the countries and the growing urge in them to prove themselves superior to the other one. The urge for power in the world has also led to the increase in military action of few of the nations that would pose a serious threat to the integrity of large number of innocent people. There is a threat of military warfare among the super powerful nations that are constantly fighting to prove their superiority to the other nations and achieve the tag of the most powerful nation in the world (Abbott, Rogers, & Sloboda, 2006).
There has to be a deep level of understanding about the security between the nations and equal treatment should be provided to each and every nation across the globe. There has to be measures that would ensure peace like development of the peace unions and entities that would strive for the peace among the nations (Booth & Wheeler, 2007).
Nations breaching the security of a weaker nation that are actually weak in terms of their military power and strength of the armed forces has also been a constant threat to various communities across the globe. This has to be eradicated from the minds of these nations that though they have military superpower they cannot harm the integrity of other nations and it does provide them any right to them politically as well as socially.
Q.2) What are some of the problems with collective security?

Collective security can be termed as the way of ensuring that there is integrity and security among the nations that would involve nations to committing themselves to the attainment of peace with the other nations in terms of the political, defence and social element. There has to be a proper understanding among the nations to treat each and every one equally and take the peace and integrity of the other nations as a matter of prime importance which should not be breached (Booth & Wheeler, 2007).
There has to be special laws that have to be framed to make sure that the treaties among the nations are not breached and a severe punishment would provide one of the best approach to ensure it. The security in terms of the geographical borders that are continuously been breached by the nations since ages is a field that has to be developed the most (Abbott, Rogers, & Sloboda, 2006). The borders have to be predefined by the nations while signing a treaty and then the organizations like United Nations that are executing the treaty will take care that the treaty is not breached by any of the nation. In armed conflict, when a treaty is signed by the peace governing organizations involves considering one of the nation as aggressor and this serves to be a major issue for the nations that are signing the treaty.
For example, in 1920, japan breached the rules of the League of Nations by occupying a part of china and this violated the collective security policies. Japan had to face punishments which had to be developed due to the use of veto power provided to each nation in the League. However, no major action except condemning the act was taken.
In the above case, it is observed that there was a breach of the collective security which should be curbed by not only developing severe penalties but also implementing them to create the fear among the nations who try to violate it. The issue of security among the nations has to be considered of great importance and developing strategies that would set a guidelines for the nations regarding it has to be developed by the peace governing organizations among the nations across the globe. There are severe laws that are actually framed to restrict any of the nations to violate the breaching of border or social security of the other nations.
Thus, these are the problems that are in terms of the collective security among the nations.

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