“Essay on Leadership skills of a well-known aviator: William Edward Boeing “

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Leadership skills of a well-known aviator: William Edward Boeing

William Edward Boeing is one of the pioneer in the America Aviation industry. He started as a businessman and went on to become the owner of the Boeing Company that is one of the largest Aviation and Airline industry in the world. With his extensive vision and ambition he changed the dimensions of the Airline industry and developed a company that currently comprises of more than 165,000 employees across the globe (Parks, 2013). He was an amazing leader with a never dying spirit and he developed a leadership and management system in the Boeing Company that helped the company to reach great heights that and develop a niche for itself in the Aviation and Airline industry (Rodgers, 1996).
Company performance
William Boeing saw the future of technology and aviation and he developed a vision to develop a transportation system through air and also contribute to the field of aviation. The Boeing Company, since its inception in 1916, it has been providing seaplanes to the U.S. military and it reached heights in the field of aviation where they started maintain a fleet of airplanes and air transport service. They have an urging strive to deliver the best to the aviation industry in terms of class, strength and quality of aircrafts that have the trust of millions of people as they are also used by the U.S. Military personnel (D’Intino, et al., 2008). It has achieved a 40% reduction in its engine sound through a distinct sound reduction or quieting engine technology and 20% reduction in its fuel consumption through development of highly efficient aircrafts.

Employee performance
Boeing Company not only takes proper care of their employees, but it also provides an extensive care and various benefits through different programs to their families too. There are many advantages of working in Boeing for the employees (Parks, 2013). Due to the level of motivation that has been followed as a legacy since William Boeing, the employees in the Boeing Company are committed to providing excellent aircrafts and other services to the Aviation industry as well as U.S military (Downs, 2015). The employees are trained and engaged to become global leaders in the future and build a strong defence and aviation system for the nation. The employees are also engaged in various activities that Boeing plans out for the development of communities across the globe.
Impact as a leader
His leadership qualities can be evaluated from the fact that when there were about 300 employees, he along with his partner, were the only two managers and leaders who were guiding about these 300 people in the company. He was a thorough optimist and was ready to inculcate any sort of innovations in the operations and functioning of the company. However, he was very particular about applying these innovations as it would be affecting the brand value and brand image developed by the Boeing Company (D’Intino, et al., 2008). These extraordinary leadership qualities and vision took Boeing to become one of the giant in the Aviation and Airlines industry. His distinct and motivational leadership skills has helped impact the entire world and it continues to encourage an increasing number of people who want to be a part of this industry.
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Report on condition of carriage
Emirates Airlines
Check-in times:
The counters that re related to the check in of the passengers open before 3 hours of their flight’s departure.
Passengers in the First class and Business class are expected to check in at least before 1 hour of their flight’s departure time.
Passengers in the Economy class re expected to be at least 3 hours before their flight’s departure time (EMIRATES.COM, 2015).
Cabin baggage policy
The size of the cabin baggage should get fit in the space below the seat or over the overhead trunks. There would be an extra charge of AED 50 per baggage item if it is not accepted by the ground staff of the Emirates Airlines.
Dangerous articles in baggage
These are the articles like non-licensed alcohol, inflammable substances like petrol, kerosene, gas and sharp edged items like knife, razor, etc. (EMIRATES.COM, 2015).
The other conditions for baggage are similar to the ones mentioned below in the Virgin Atlantic Airlines section.

Virgin Atlantic Airlines:
1. Particular expressions
In this, the general terminologies used by both the airlines are included. It consists of terms like, “We, Our, Yourself, Agreed stopping places, Airline Designator code, Baggage check”, etc. (VIRGIN-ATLANTIC.COM, 2015).
2. Application of the conditions:
The application of the conditions of carriage is during the travel of the passengers and they involve considering the baggage of the passengers too.
3. Tickets:
They tend to be the most important part of the air travel.
4. Fairs and charges
Fairs differ from one airlines to another. However, they basically have 3 classes for the passengers and they are Economy class, Business class and first class.
5. Reservations
It refers to the coupons and other offers that are to be claimed while getting the ticket from the boarding counter of respective airlines.
6. Check-in and boarding
It refers to the activities that are to be performed for getting the tickets from the check in counter and getting a boarding pass from the same.
7. Refusal and limitation of carriage
It refers to allowing the baggage up to the fixed weight limits that are set by the airlines. If the weight exceeds this limit, then items from the baggage are to be removed (VIRGIN-ATLANTIC.COM, 2015).
Malaysia Airlines:
All the conditions for baggage that are mentioned for Virgin Atlantic are applicable to Malaysia Airlines too. It has a unique element that is not mentioned in the Condition for baggage of Virgin Atlantic and it is:
• Stopovers
Stopovers refers to the locations where the flight would be landing in between the source and the destination. It is mentioned in the tickets (MALAYSIA AIRLINES.COM, 2012).
Common conditions of the three airlines:
• The check-in of the first baggage in the economy class of all the three airlines is free.
• For the second baggage, it is free in Emirates and Malaysia airlines, but it is chargeable up to $85 for Virgin Atlantic airlines (VIRGIN-ATLANTIC.COM, 2015).
• The check-in of the third baggage is chargeable for all the three airlines.
• All the three airlines provide their services to the following 4 continents: Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.
• Common airlines partner for Emirates (EMIRATES.COM, 2015)and Virgin Atlantic airlines is Jet Airways (VIRGIN-ATLANTIC.COM, 2015).
• Common airlines partner between Emirates (EMIRATES.COM, 2015) and Malaysia airlines is the Japan airlines (MALAYSIA AIRLINES.COM, 2012).
• The maximum weight of overweight baggage for Virgin Atlantic and Malaysia airlines is 70 lbs. and Emirates does not have weight restrictions for overweight baggage.
• For oversized baggage, Emirates and Malaysia airlines do not charge anything but Virgin Atlantic charges about $60 (VIRGIN-ATLANTIC.COM, 2015).

EMIRATES.COM, 2015. Conditions of Contract and Passenger Notices. [Online]
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MALAYSIA AIRLINES.COM, 2012. MAS General Conditions of Carriage. [Online]
Available at: http://www.malaysiaairlines.com/content/dam/mas/master/en/pdf/book-plan/general_conditions_of_carriage.pdf
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VIRGIN-ATLANTIC.COM, 2015. Conditions of carriage for passengers and baggage. [Online]
Available at: http://www.virgin-atlantic.com/eu/en/travel-information/customer-service/conditions-of-carriage.html
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