Essay on Management skills in Travel and Tourism.

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 Introduction 2
 Summary 2
 Key Points in the discussion: 3
 Justification of the Recommendations 4
 Conclusion: 5
 Self-Evaluation: 5
 References 7
 Appendix 8

Maintaining the employee efficiency and staff motivation is very important for ensuring profitability in the hotel industry. There has been a considerable loss in the profitability of the hotel and there are cases of poor customer service observed among the customers for prolonged period of time (Kandampully & Suhartanto, 2000). This has affected the overall business of the hotel and hence this meeting was called upon for discussing these issues with the board.
There would be effective training and handling of the hotel staff. This would include continuously motivating them for providing their best and improving the brand image of the hotel. This would be done by the following steps:
• Managing of the staff inventory so as to avoid the cases of overtime and prolonged working hours,
• Providing medical insurance to all the staff members,
• Providing educational loans to staff members who have been with us for more than 5 years,
• Rewarding the employees with prestigious awards and financial increments and boosts to provide high levels of customer service. This would be done by starting the “Employee of the month award”, which would be provide to all the employees. There would be few subsections in these awards, which would include awards for, “Most punctual employee of the month”, “Best Customer service of the month”. These awards would be provided on monthly basis, rather than quarterly or six monthly, as it would continuously motivate the staff to maintain punctuality, healthy and efficient customer service and proper completion of the jobs assigned to them.
• By providing the above things, the staff would be more secure and loyal to the hotel. However, along with providing the above features, there has to be a constant check kept on the punctuality and job completion of the staff. This would be checked through developing of checklists for the same.
Key Points in the discussion:
On the basis of the above activities and perks provided to the staff, I would personally take care that all the managers representing different departments maintain cordial relationships with their staff. This would be done by getting feedbacks from the staff regarding their senior managers and this would be done confidentially without disclosing any details of the staff member (Pan, 2005). I would specially lead the reception and front desk staff employees so as to develop a longing relationship with the customers.
There would be various variables on the basis of which the performance of the staff would be evaluated. These variables would be:
A checklist containing the following elements would be prepared:
• Daily entry and exit would at the end of the day
• Number of staff members in one single shift would be calculated
• Attendance of the employees after every 7 days.
• Absenteeism of each and every employee
For the above checklist, ADP software would be established to keep a complete track of the attendance of the staff members. The employees would have to make a finger print image entry in the software installed device at the time of entrance as well as exit.
Justification of the Recommendations
The assessment of the attendance and punctuality would be provided by the above measures. Now, for the ensuring effective customer service, the housekeeping, front desk and restaurant staff would be specially provided training for 2 days in alternate shifts regarding improvement of their soft skills as well as speech. After this, there would be customer feedback obtained from the customers at the end of each day regarding their day’s experience with the service and staff of the hotel. This would be taken over the phone or manually from the customers as per their convenience. Their feedback would be collected daily and I, along with the respective managers would check it daily for tracking the performance of the staff and provide them with a significant feedback, if needed, for improving their service (Bojanic, 1996).
There are evidence which show that the performance of the staff is not the only thing behind the success of any hotel in the industry, but the features and services provided by the hotel too play an important role (Sigala, 2005). I would introduce special discounts to our first time customers or provide them with complimentary lunch, dinner or sightseeing of the location. I would improve the interiors of the room and make it more artistic by adding artistic and antique items that would add to the feel of the room. I would add and maintain interesting games in the clubhouse of the hotel.
The implementation of these elements would be done in a period of one week. After the implementation, there would be a weekly evaluation of the staff service and a monthly evaluation of the hotel’s profitability. Then, the areas where improvement can be made would be identified and analyzed. Based on it, the necessary modifications would be made.
I would be ensuring that all the above mentioned things get done and are implemented. I would be a silent leader before, where I would observe, evaluate and analyze the behavior and attitudes of the staff after the implementation. I would then motivate them to provide their best through effective utilization of time and resources and providing an ultimate service experience to the customers (Torres & Kline, 2006). Evaluation would help in ensuring the following measures as shown in the following diagram:

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Minutes of the meeting
Reason of the meeting:
To develop reasons for the decrease in profitability of the hotel chain and develop solutions for it.
• Board members
• Line Mangers
The data regarding the achievement of the target and improving the methods are provided.
Main motions:
1. Implementation of the ADP attendance software
2. Training the staff and managers for soft and intrapersonal skills
3. Developing and maintaining the checklists of performance
4. Providing perks and incentives to the employees
Strategies for improving the interiors, amenities and customer experience are welcome.
Proposal of next meeting:
Date: 22 December, 2015


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