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I saw one episode of the famous TV series The Walking Dead. It is based on Zombies. I have collected following information from it:
Acts of Aggression Television Program
Physical assaults that involve using a weapon or object 2 incidents
Physical assaults that do not involve a weapon or object 4 incidents
Verbal threats of harm 2 incidents
Insults or derogatory remarks 3 incidents
Violent deaths 1 incident
Accidents in which someone is hurt 4 incidents
• Are the actual numbers higher or lower than you would have expected?
The actual numbers are quite higher than they were expected by me. There were different types of incidents that displayed aggression and aggressiveness through violent means.
• Compare your results with those of your classmates.
Most of my classmates got similar kind of results and they were astonished to see the level of violence and aggressiveness that was shown in the television series or other program on the Television.
• How does the aggression depicted in the type of program you watched compare with the other types of television programming?
In most of the television programs, there is an excessive emphasis given to the level of aggressiveness, both physical and verbal, that they display. Hence, the other types of television programs, too depict the aggression through different means, which includes showing incidents that encourage verbal, physical or social violence. In this program, the theme was about the world of the Zombies. The theme contains violence at its core.
• What are the implications of your findings?
There are almost 16 incidents that show violence in one or the other way in an episode of about 30 minutes. It shows the level of intensity that these snowmakers want to convey to the audience. It is not suitable for all the audiences as it is also been watched by many children and youngsters in their teenagers. The findings that are made by me has helped in identifying the relation between the impact of the television programs on the society and the media that displays it.
• Why do you think this finding is discrepant from those often reported? i.e., Is TV in the process of changing?
Yes, this finding is discrepant from those often reported where the harmful effects of watching such violent programs on the psychology of the children is not considered.
• Was the sample used in this exercise too small or unrepresentative?
The sample that was used in the exercise consisted of watching a television program for 30 minutes without any prior knowledge of the show. The theme of the television show has to be considered before judging a particular show and it should be taken special care that children do not get any access to such programs.
• Are the reports from groups opposed to TV violence not objective?
The reports that are collected from the groups are not objective and they firmly stress on the ideology of aggressiveness and violence that is displayed in it.


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March 10, 2018

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