Essay on Qualities of a Successful United States Military Academy (USMA) officer

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Qualities for a successful United States Military Academy (USMA) officer:
It is not easy to become a USMA officer. One needs to have certain set of characteristics, qualities and special talents for becoming a successful USMA cadet. These qualities are mentioned below:
Firm will and sheer determination: It is one of the most significant qualities that should be possessed by an individual for aspiring to be a cadet in the USMA. Will power and determination to attain it is required for performing the various critical and highly dangerous and tiring tasks carried in the Military Academy.
Commitment: Commitment is required towards the accomplishment of goals and tasks provided to the individuals by the high command force. It helps the individual to overcome all the difficulties that come into their way while performing their tasks.
Honesty and integrity: The cadets have to be honest in whatever they do and they must have integrated values as they would be protecting the entire nation. The behavior and attitude of the cadets and USMA officers has to be full of gratitude and respect.
Ethically grounded and strong principles: The cadets need to have firm ethics and principles that they would be following in the most critical situations coming in their way.
Courage and Bravery: In all the cadets and officers, courage is the quality that would ensure that they would be bravely performing the tasks given to them. The cadets would be expected to take responsibility of withstanding and overcoming the dangerous situations arising in the nation.


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March 9, 2018

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