Essay on Reflections on Social entrepreneurship

Reflections on Social entrepreneurship

The term ‘Social Entrepreneurship’ refers to the type of entrepreneurship which involves development of organizations and companies in such a way that it fulfils the needs of the society and contributes to the welfare of the same through various means. It has a very wide spread application and reference which includes consideration of various needs of individual and of the society on the whole. There are various institutes and organizations which are established to boost the structure and concept of social entrepreneurship. These include organizations like ‘The Institute for OneWorld Health which is a non-profit pharmaceutical company in USA and Sekem which is agro based firm in Egypt and the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh (Seelos & Mair, 2005).
The main purpose and objective of organizations while observing social entrepreneurship is to help in the overall development of the society through the medium of education, health service, shelter facilities and other such initiatives which would be benefitting the poor. It is also observed that the entrepreneurial ventures are of 4 types: traditional, social purpose, social consequence, and Enterprising non-profits. There are various factors that are influenced by social entrepreneurship like the people in the society, stakeholder salience and the performance metrics (Neck, Brush, & Allen, 2009). In this way, it is seen that the concept of social entrepreneurship has been evolving for the welfare of the human and the society on the whole.

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March 9, 2018

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