Essay on social networking and E-marketing

Argument for the use of Social Networks, E-Marketing and Viral marketing and their Effect on Big Data



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Social Networks

The three pivotal elements which influence Big Data and form a bridge between businesses and the current consumers are Social networks, E-marketing and viral marketing. Without them, imagining marketing implementation in the current times as the way it is right now would be impossible especially without social networks as they are responsible for attracting the crowds who didn’t use internet before other than checking their e-mails and made internet a staple diet. Social Networking brought about the largest amount of traffic of users and which became parallel with the amount of people using search engines which were the primary targets for the companies who were the first to initiate marketing strategies on internet media. Social networking sites stores intricate details of their users and their preferences which helped them bring about tailor-made advertisements. This resulted in advertisements getting displayed only to the interested users which cut the costs of companies proving it a cheaper and more effective alternative and at the same time the sites stepped up recently providing a choice if the users wanted their details to be shared to companies anonymously for customized advertisements. It is a medium which will only go further in the future if only its form will change and the implementation in the medium will evolve but social networks are here to stay. It is the next step in communication which everybody adapted surprisingly fast as a next step in evolution. This step gave rise to big data as the number of users on the planet and their personal data took up a lot of space on the internet and gave rise to many such ventures. (BusinessDictionary, n.d.)


E-marketing came across as a diverse, calculated and strategized approach towards implementing marketing concepts. There is a fair chance that it can go wrong but nowadays people put genuine efforts in creating ads and implementing various strategies on the internet and they got immediate reactions to their new ventures and can plan ahead. It is subtle in execution makes it a risk-free venture. Big Data Helps E-marketing by providing an ocean of data which is people, information and sometimes both at one point of time. Though E-marketing, the time, effort and money put forth in making the advertizing makes a bigger difference as there is very low cost involved in the putting the ad on the market and due to the quick results and transparent and useful stats about the users, it has become a fairly popular way of advertizing and managing businesses. E-marketing has been implemented in a fairly accurate manner up till now and it is interesting to view its scope unfurl in glory. (El-Gohary, n.d)
Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing has had its fair share of ups and downs with advertizing in a specific manner. The best thing related to viral marketing which appeals business owners is the low cost attached to it which help the people with startup businesses and help them connect with the potential consumers. It gets the maximum exposure as it has a viral form to it and it can implemented in innumerable ways over the internet while registering responses and analyzing on the spot about how to strategize for the next venture. A fairly good marketing campaign can shine in this medium and for spreading virally, it takes the help of big data to spread over the globe. A viral marketing campaign is always performed properly and meticulously which influences intellectual individuals. Different types of strategies can be formulated and united into one to be used for a viral marketing campaign. The best quality has to be the fact that campaign managers can formulate a hybrid campaign and implement it through viral marketing in a very simplistic manner and big data has a very big impact it by making it spread as vastly as possible. (Janssen, n.d.)
Thus, all the three elements have a fair chance of surviving the test of time when it comes to the future of marketing and it has also been possible due to the big data phenomenon by acting as a catalyst to make progress of such a scale possible.
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