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Table of Contents
1. Introduction 2
1.1. Background 3
1.2. Thesis Statement: 5
2. Identification of the problem 5
3. Proposed Solution 6
4. Why it is necessary 7
5. Proof it will work 7
6. Opposing viewpoints 8
7. Conclusion 8
8. References 9

Concussion refers to the medical condition involving sudden injury to the brain or the nervous system which is mostly caused by rigorous shaking of the head or a sudden heavy blow on it. There has been a tremendous increase in the number of concussion cases across the globe. These cases are witnessed mostly in sports person where they have to go through vigorous training and there are physical interventions in them. It was commonly observed with different levels on intensities among the people who regularly play sports (Daneshvar, Nowinski, McKee, & Cantu, 2011).
In America itself, there were about 3 million cases annually, where people suffered from concussions which was caused mainly by exposure to sports. Concussions is also called as “The silent killer” or “mass murderer”, due to its sudden occurrence and extremely hazardous effects which many times, led to the death of the person suffering from it (Maroon, 2015). It is found to occur due to the shifting or moving of the brain against the wall in the skull and this leads to the imbalance of various body functions and loss of control over one’s body. Loss of consciousness and loss of memory re the most common symptoms that are observed in this condition (Halstead & Walter, 2010).
It is a very challenging proposition for the medical field where, the accurate reasons of this condition are still unknown and are being explored. Hence, there is a need to critically evaluate the subject of sports concussions and develop strategies that would help in reducing its possibilities and save the people from the same. For this, the history and background of the disorder would be analysed (Daneshvar, Nowinski, McKee, & Cantu, 2011).
There were very few cases of sports concussions till the 21st century. However, with the beginning of 21st century, there were many cases of concussions which were observed and most of them were reported from any sports games, that is, the person were involved in playing sports. The cases of sports concussion are not only observed in adults, but are also seen in children and adolescents too (Maroon, 2015). The cases were witnessed to be increasing since the middle half of 1950’s to 1960’s. There were traces of the condition been prevailing in the ancient times too, but there were hardly any written cases which provided the proofs of this statement (Daneshvar, Nowinski, McKee, & Cantu, 2011).
Owing to the tremendous boost in the technology and useful scientific inventions in the medical field, it becomes very critical to analyze this condition as large number of cases of this condition have been observed every day. It serves to be very significant challenge for the medical experts and scientists to develop a solution or remedy for this kind of condition. In the 21st century, the number of cases who have experienced this condition, has increased considerably and it has shown continuous increment in each and every country (Halstead & Walter, 2010).
Sports concussions were commonly found in the people who were involved in regular bicycling, athletics, football, tennis, cricket and other such physical sports. Most of the cases were observed in the person who were using bicycles every day, but did not use helmets to protect their head from sudden collision that would occur due to accidents. The loss of consciousness in this condition has resulted in many accidents where the person who has been suffering from this condition gets a sudden blow on their head (Daneshvar, Nowinski, McKee, & Cantu, 2011).
The cases of concussions had severe memory loss for a small period of time, like for 10 to 24 hours and in many cases the post effects were observed till 3 to 5 weeks. The effects have been studied since last few decades. It has been developed that this condition is created due to the neurological malfunctioning of the brain or a part of it. Extensive study and research was then carried by the scientists on this condition and they developed various levels of safety that are to be observed while playing any sports. They have critically evaluated the steps which have to be taken for preventing sports concussions among the people (Maroon, 2015).
Thesis Statement:
The criticalness and severity of the issue would be discussed and it would be about the thesis statement which is provided below:
Do we need to have stricter rules for curtaining sports concussions in the world?
This statement would help in developing the research and identifying the needs of the medical field for fighting this condition and eradicate it from occurring again.
Identification of the problem
There are various form of sports played currently. These sports have many actions and activities to be executed. During executing the activities, many times the sports person my get injury or a blow on their head. This would lead to development of concussions. This type of concussion occurs due to any physical error or improper calculation of the action required (CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION, 2005).
It may also occur due to the negligence of the opposite person, especially in sports which are played between two people or two teams. The aggressiveness of the players, which was developed during the game results in improper and unethical behaviors of the people playing sports. There are many cases where an opposition is responsible for concussions among the people (Daneshvar, Nowinski, McKee, & Cantu, 2011).
The identification of the activities in sports that actually lead to this condition are still not completely known. The researches have helped in identifying that this is a neurological disorder which is caused to due to sudden impact on the head (Halstead & Walter, 2010).
Mostly, they occurred on the field where due to the various actions which are carried out in all the sports. The intensive actions and extreme body movements make the body prone to concussions.
The problem of concussion arises due to the ignorance or negligence of the person while playing sports, riding bicycles and performing other such physical tasks. It may also be due to the ignorance of the opposite person which would lead to collision or accidents and this would cause concussions in the other person (Turner, McCrory, Meeuwisse, & Cantu, 2013).
Proposed Solution
• The main reasons for occurrence of concussions is sudden collision or impact on the head as well as very intense shaking of the head. This problems persists in the activities required by majority of the sports. Hence, developing a solution would consist of controlling the activities that may cause concussions, encouraging healthy practices in sports and living, concentrating on the task that is being carried out. The solution proposed by us would involves consideration of the above elements (TRAUMA NURSING , 1997).
• The set of rules have to be strictly observed and the offenders should be severely punished through temporary suspension and in very rare cases permanent exemption from the sports.
• The physical tools and accessories which are required for protection of human parts, especially, the head, have to be used extensively. The sports organizations and councils must keep a watch on the following of these procedures. This includes wearing of helmets in various sports like, rugby, cricket, Baseball, and other such sports which involve exposure to head impacts of collision (CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION, 2005).
• The activities like falling on the opponent like in rugby, wrestling and boxing have to be carried out with utmost care and the impact on the head should be minimized (Daneshvar, Nowinski, McKee, & Cantu, 2011).
• Use of appropriate head gears of high quality, which are clinically tested and are prescribed by the scientists (Halstead & Walter, 2010).
Why it is necessary
It is very important to save the people from becoming a patient of the traumatic condition of concussions. The main reasons for concussions are mostly known to us and they need to be evaluated and analyzed for developing a solution. It is necessary to develop a solution of this condition, as it can be mostly prevented and its impacts can be reduced in many cases (TRAUMA NURSING , 1997).
The number of cases in U.S itself has raised to 3 million and it has been increasing since then. This poses a serious threat to the well-being of the society and the people living in it. Thus, it becomes very necessary to develop a solution for this condition and propose measures for reducing the causes of concussions (Marchie & Cusimano, 2003). Seeing the intensity of cases in U.S., the number of cases in the world would be unimaginable and they too, require effective handling and research by the scientists and neurological doctors across the globe.
Proof it will work
As concussions are very commonly seen in sports where the activities are critical and very physical. There should be development of rules and procedures of safety which are to be observed while playing different sports and these rules should be customized for each and every sport and were differentiated for men and women. This would assure in generating results regarding the concussions (CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION, 2005).
There has to be case study and analysis where around 100 sports person would be using the proposed solution and they would be critically evaluated after 2 months regarding their experience. Another team of participants would be of around 100 members and they would be asked to continue their sports without wearing the head gears. The results obtained at the end of two months were in the favor of the use of head gears for protection (Maroon, 2015).
Opposing viewpoints
However, as there are two sides of every coin, the excessive stress on the safety of the sports person have been critically opposed by many researchers. The researchers claim that the sports person are very well aware of the physical activities, condition and consequences of the sport and they have to be cautious while playing it (Marchie & Cusimano, 2003).
The researchers state that the players who are playing the sports must have a control over their intensities which would ultimately lead to reduction in the number of concussion cases across the globe. They have discussed that people who are involved in physical exercises like cycling, running are very well aware of the consequences of over doing it (Marchie & Cusimano, 2003). Loss of concentration while performing the activities is in the hands of the person carrying the activity and it should be their sole responsibility to ensure safe execution of the activity.
The researchers argue that laying down of excessive controls and measures would affect the uniqueness of the game. For example, imposing of such severe rules in wrestling, boxing, it would destroy the interest element from these sports (Beecham, Perkins, Snell, & Knapp, 2009). In this way, the opposing viewpoints stress of reducing of excessive stress on head gears and instead of that they suggest to change the psychology of the players while performing any sport or sport related activities.
Thus, it can be concluded that though there are many opposing viewpoints to the proposed solution, the health of the sports person and people should be given utmost importance. Concentration has a significant role in developing of this condition, but however, using safety equipments that would support the head should be observed which would provide the required protection, irrespective of the individual’s knowledge or incapabilities to protect themselves.

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