Essay on Status of Women in Islam

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Status of women in Islam
Islam has two sources of guidance which are to be followed by their women and they are, the Quran and the hadiths. Quran is the holy book which has various learnings and lessons which are to be followed in life by the Muslims and other followers of Islam, whereas hadiths is the teachings, writings and scripts developed by Muhammad during his life. These are the two primary sources of conduct and behavior. However, there are other secondary sources which are developed from time to time in the form of fatwas, ijma, and qiyas. These sources have been developed over a period of time by the religious thinkers, practitioners and various Islamic schools. It has been mentioned in Quran that women and men are equal are a single spectacular creation of the god (Khan, 1996).
Western view of women in Islam
The western media has been generalizing the image that women in Islam are treated inhumanly and are not provided with the basic degrees of freedom. However, such display of the Islamic women in western media has developed a stereotype across the globe which states that the women in Islam are victimized and they are tortured by the men of the Islamic society. It is also observed that the women following Islam have to follow strict traditions which involves restrictions on the women for education, for work and for moving around in the city in front of other men. These practices were observed before few centuries and that too, in a very limited number (Navarro, 2010).
But, nowadays, the societies and economies which have Islamic women in them have started providing opportunities for working and educating the girls and women who are following Islam. These opportunities also involve providing freedom to women, providing them with the rights to own or inherit property. The entire image of the women in Islam have gone through a makeover, but the western media still focuses on the earlier inequalities and other such traditions which were practiced in these countries (Moghadam, 2014).
My Opinions
There has been wrong depiction of the Islamic women in the western cultures and western media. The most basic books or primary sources of conduct in Islam as mentioned above, have stressed that men are women are not different body and they are part of a single soul. I have observed this from a very famous verse in Quran which emphasizes this and it states that,
“O Mankind, keep your duty to your Lord who created you from a single soul and from it created its mate (of same kind) and from them twain has spread a multitude of men and women…”- [Noble Quran 4:1]
The above verse from Quran sets a very good example for the equality and respect of women in Islam as mentioned by the holy book.
It can be concluded that the image of women in Islam has been highly exaggerated in the western media and they have tried to portray the condition and status of the Islamic role as per their requirements for generating publicity.

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March 9, 2018

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