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Admission in Military Academy
I have always been fascinated by technology and how it works. It has resulted in a long journey through the development of my career. The achievements and experience had then led to the pursuit of the military academy. One has to have certain personality and clarity of goals to get into the military Academy. I have provided my following in the following sections.
Attributes and personal characteristics:
Most important characteristic or attribute that is needed to get into the Military Academy is commitment. I have been committed to whatever I have done in my life. It has been attained through clarity of goals and focusing on them no matter whatever problems came in my way. Commitment helps in achieving the toughest tasks over a period of consistent hard-work.
Strong leadership qualities are required as the job will test an individual’s capability to work in a team and make different strategies and plans through proper coordination with the officers and other people belonging to different departments. Punctuality and ability to take tough decisions in critical situations are to be inculcated.
For admission in the Military Academy, one has to be integrated to their ethics, principles and nation and they should possess gratitude and respect to all the sections of the society. The person has to be brave and courageous to tackle dangerous situations. The person should be truthful and determined towards the tasks provided to him.
Life experiences:
I completed my High school and became an electrician. I was the topper of my class. I then worked as an apprentice in a company and I was honored with the award of best apprentice in the company. It can be seen from my profile that I have developed expertise in all the things that I have done and I have effectively accomplished the tasks or roles that are pursued by me. These experiences have helped me to develop a high level of decisiveness, maturity and ability to react appropriately to different situations and take the most appropriate decisions after evaluating and analyzing them.
Special Talents:
I have achieved the top most position or recognition in whatever I have done in my life. It shows that I have sheer determination and commitment. I am very honest and I have the ability to influence others. It has helped me to develop extraordinary leadership qualities. I have always been dedicated to be the best in my chosen pursuit. I am very courageous and I have what it takes to become a good leader and a successful Military officer.
My vision is “To give my best for serving the nation”. With this vision, I would like to take my expertise and knowledge to the Military Academy where I would be getting an opportunity to live my dream of serving the country. I always wanted to contribute to the security and prosperity of my country. After experiencing different fields and obtaining expertise in them, I think it is the right time to serve the purpose that I always wanted to do in my life.


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March 9, 2018

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