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UAE has been reaching the peak of development in a global scenario and the most evident sign of that is the development of infrastructure. The infrastructure in focus and being commended over the world is travel related infrastructure that UAE has developed. The travel infrastructure of UAE depicts the progress of UAE and is an epitome of a utopian scenario. Development of the travelling facilities is crucial for a country as it aids the economic growth of the country, provides convenience for the increasing population and emphasizes the perks of traveling in UAE. The infrastructure specifically in traveling covers the quality of roads, airports, availability of local traveling options in the country.
Under the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority, the elements covered under public transport are the public buses, Dubai Metro, road taxis, and marine transit (ferries). The Dubai metro specially has been the highlight of the infrastructural capabilities of UAE. In 2012, it carried 109.491 passengers and it has been serving Dubai since 9th September 2009 when it began its operations. (UAE Interact, 2015)
According to RTA, the population of UAE is likely to increase up to 3.1 million by 2020 by which there are plans to extend the circulation of the Dubai metro by 2020 in accordance with the Vision 2020. The extension of the first phase which is to be done by 2020 will cover the red and green line and to serve the projected increased population of 4.1 million in 2025, two new lines will be initiated which will be the gold and purple lines. The primary rail service of Etihad rail will also be extended which serves people and transports freight will also connect urban and rural centers extending their reach to oil port of Ruwais and the Jebel Ali Port. Etihad rail will cover 1,200 km. of track which is beng constructed with the expense of 11 billion. (The Prospect Group, 2012)
The aviation sector is an integral part of the travel infrastructure framework which is so developed that it has a major contribution to the GDP of UAE. It makes up for the 28% of the total GDP of the country. UAE has made attempts to create a business friendly environment through the development of aviation industry with world class infrastructure. The Dubai International Airport was the busiest airport in the world in the year 2014 which speaks for itself about the growth of UAE and the need for infrastructural development in transport sector specifically in UAE. (Staff Report, 2014)
This need is adequately served by the investment to increase the capacity of the airport from 100 million passengers to 250 million passengers by the year 2020. All the carrier companies originating in UAE are witnessed to have aggressive expansions. The future plans for the expansion of aviation industry includes the construction of the Dubai Central Airport which will be the largest airport in the world for serving the international airline traffic. It will contain 5 runways and will possess the individual capacity to carry 160 million passengers. UAE’s aviation infrastructure is ranked 3rd best in the world economic forum. (Jones, 2012)

The roads of a country form a critical part of the transport infrastructure as other elements of the transport infrastructure depend on it. They are the backbone of the UAE transport infrastructure which connect the all the seven emirates and links the important transportation hubs like metro stations, ports and airports. The enhancement of the roads of UAE is undertaken by the department of transport under the Surface Transport Master Plan. The construction of the new Abu Dhabi – Dubai Main Road includes the involvement of international contractors for taking care of the traffic congestion issues. It provides a convenient like between the two most developed and populated emirates Abu Dhabi and Dubai. It is the one of the biggest infrastructure oriented projects under the department of transport. (Department of Transport, 2015)
The Sheikh Khalifa Interchange and the Ras Ghmeis – Ghaghah Island road are very promising projects under the Department of Transport. They are under process and constructed in alignment with the Vision 2020. The Vision 2020 has been the driving force of the UAE government for upgrading the travel infrastructure to world class standards. The road service patrol was initiated in the year 2011 for assisting broken down vehicles. They provide a 24 hour service and provide aid to accident and crash related situations as well as citizens facing road trouble. Their vehicles possess a Varaible Message Sign (VMS) which provide GPS tracking facilities and are capable of warning motorists regarding accidents beforehand through computerized communication. This fact elevates the road safety standards and promotes the travel infrastructure of UAE as a safe experience.(Department of Transport, 2015)
UAE has been recently awarded as the second best in the world in terms of the quality of the road infrastructure by the World Economic Forum. The investment behind roads and bridges by the UAE government has been 58 Billion USD. (Emirates 24/7, 2013) This kind of heavy investment on Infrastructure denotes that UAE wants to develop their transport infrastructure and facilitate further development. This would promote tourism and accelerate economic growth as progression of transport infrastructure acts as a catalyst to the overall growth of a country and will take UAE to the podium of being among the lead in the developed countries in the world.
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March 8, 2018

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