Guide on Customor Care through Adressing Customer Complaint

How can we think of a customer complaint as an opportunity?

How can we think of a customer complaint as an opportunity?

The complaints of the customer’s provides a scope of improvement to the company and also leads to regaining of the customer’s loyalty on a better level (Homburg & Fürst, 2005). The customers are the best promoters for any brand and responding to the customer’s complaints and developing solutions towards it will lead to a positive image of the company in terms of customer service. However, it should also be taken care that, similar kind of problems and complaints do not exist for a prolonged amount of time as it breaks the level of trust of the customers in the company. Hence, customer’s complaints serve to be as an opportunity for the company by overcoming the negative effect of it. Nike serves to be one of the best example in handling the customer’s queries and complaints which are posted on social media like Facebook and Twitter. This can be observed from the fact that Nike Support has tweeted around 160k times as against the 11k tweets were made by Nike handle. This displays Nike’s dedication to customer’s complaints (Sprung, 2013).

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March 10, 2018

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