Guide on Project Management for Pharmacy Store

Pharmacy project management

Project management
Project management refers to the systematic planning, strategizing and developing resources and organizing them to design an optimum process of operation in the organization or company and stores. It plays an important role in developing the project and ensure its running and operation to be carried out smoothly. It also involves analysing and evaluating the important aspects of the project and its execution to develop the success and growth of the firm (Thakkar, 2013).
In the process of constructing a high quality pharmacy store in Dubai, there are various elements that are to be evaluated, analysed and then organized to ensure smooth functioning of the project.
Important components of the project:
The project largely focusses in developing a high quality pharmacy store that would provide a unique experience to the customer with respect to the services it offers and the satisfaction that it provides to the customers.
There are various architectural factors that we need to evaluate and analyse while developing the design of the project. The main features involves considering the theme and the texture of the inner walls that would be mild and should be as smooth as possible. It should be kept in environmental colours and the design should be user friendly where the store has flexibility to provide the customers and increase their comfort and process of selection of the products they want and to effectively handle their enquiries.
The other main feature involves selection of area for the project and it involves consideration of various elements like the locality, water supply, medical disposal facility available, premises where the store is to be set up and the surrounding infrastructure.
The feature of security and handling the inventory is also to be derived while designing the project. This involves keeping an updated SAP software or any other parallel software to keep an accurate track of the medicine and other products on the inventories in the store. It involves training the receptionist and the persons handling the billing counter to be well acquainted with the software and ensure its smooth running. There has to be CCTV cameras set up in the store at selected locations that would help the manager to get a view of the entire store in one screen and also help in the security of the store by keeping a track of all the events happening in it in the form of video footage.
It needs to consider the scope of keeping the parking space available to the customers outside the store and observe that it does create a mess or traffic outside on the street.

Priority matrix for the pharmacy project:
Priority matrix is an application software that helps to manage various tasks of a firm. It has its reference depending on the Eisenhower’s design of developing tasks into a differentiation of the urgent and important variables. It is as shown below for the variables that we would be requiring in the project management of the pharmacy store.

Urgent Non urgent
Important Getting the right product for the customers. Providing the guidance for various purchases to the customer
Non Important Keeping a track on the cleanliness and inventory in the store. Handling the customers and providing enough time to each so as to avoid long queues.

It is observed that the most important feature in developing the store and ensuring its smooth running involves providing a quick, modest and helpful guidance to the customers about the type and category of product that they are looking for. It also requires accurate knowledge of the products inventory and its locations in the store (wordpress, 2014).
The priorities are set on the basis of the availability of product and the requirement as in the demand of the customers to get their product as easily as possible without spending much of their time and effort in either searching it or paying for it in the store. It involves keeping a regular check on the task that are urgent as well as important from the priority point of view to the store and this will help in allocating the time for various tasks to the employees and develop a smooth flow operations thereby satisfying the DEWA regulations of the Dubai government and also observe the regulation with the Civil defence codes
Individual experience:
The persons working in the store must be trained effectively in terms of the communication and customer handling tactics of the employees in the store. The employees should be very well accustomed with the flow of operations in the store and must be capable of working effectively as a team. The experience of the individual while working in the store is to be observed and obtained from him as a method to improve or modify the working pattern and structure of operation in the store. The experience of the employees has to be motivating enough so as to ensure that they are actively participating in achieving the targets that have been set for them and contribute to the sales and profitability of the store.
Use of computer technology:
In the 21st century, with the advancement in technology and new inventions has resulted in the increasing demand of the level of customer service expected by the customers. This has also happened due to the cut throat competition among the stores existing in the same field and emergence of new potential stores in the global market. The use of SAP software for the handling of the products and inventories in the store will help in obtaining the accuracy in maintaining the sales and consumption of the product and develop the need and forecast its demand for further orders to the suppliers. Computer technology also involves developing bar codes on the bills that are purchased from the store and detect it through the system so as to ensure that anybody does not leave the store without paying for the products. Computer software is to be effectively to the persons involved in handling the products and operating on the computer for the entry and billing and check the availability pf product (Banker & Rhodes, 2006).

Overall experience:

The employees working in the store has to have a good time at the job and the overall experience that he gets while working in the store must be able to motivate him to contribute more and more to the profit of the store. The experience of the customers is to be obtained as a feedback from them and necessary modifications are to be made by analysing them and evaluating them. The employees need to be well acquainted and prepared to handle all kinds of customers be it those who are in a hurry, those who are angry to those who are very slow in purchasing products and medicines from the store. He has to handle each and every customer with hospitality and see to it that he gets the right product that he is looking for on the right time without having to wait much for searching and obtaining the products.
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