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Women in UAE have had a backward seat in the past regarding their place in the society and now they have a crucial task of women empowering and strengthening upon them. The precious condition was due to old beliefs and low level of literacy in women. Current scenario needs to show improvement in the condition of women. There have been several examples of women achieving heights in the political and corporate sectors in high and beginner levels. There has been growth in the employment of women in the public sector enterprise. The government also has been making efforts for women to achieve women empowerment to accelerate overall social growth of UAE in the world. The contributions of the government have shown results but still there are many methods to achieve women empowerment in the UAE. There should be boosting of the rate of literacy in women and they should be encouraged for higher education which would improve the conditions of women in the current time and the future. There are goals for women empowerment in the UAE government because UAE aims to have a place in the world’s most developed nations and the contribution would have a huge impact on the condition of the country. Progress in women empowerment will improve the social condition of UAE.


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Women empowerment has been encouraged throughout the world as it is important to keep balance in society between both the genders and it promotes equality and supports collective growth in this modern civilization. This subject is still underexplored and requires to be observed from all sides. In UAE, women empowerment wasn’t evident some hundred years ago and women used to be a negligible part of active societies as all the political, social and corporate leaders were men. But the situation has changed and the scenario is improving now and will continue if provided with catalysts.

Women Empowerment in UAE

Women in the UAE have to fulfill a lot of roles in the development of UAE like the country’s educational, political and social goals. Women initially were not encouraged to take part in the society and undermined for not having the ability to fulfill the active roles in society as thee were not fully equipped to deal with the situation as they were not being sent to school or encouraged for higher studies. This trend prevented them from getting ahead of the male population and being a strong group in the society. The women have come out of their shells and have a huge hand in the progress of UAE as there are many powerful women leaders in UAE. Shiekha Lubna Al Quasimi has been the Minister of foreign trade for constantly 3 terms. She is considered as one of the most powerful women in the UAE. She had a very strong background in the IT industry as she created the UAE’s first B2B business portal. She went on to become the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the UAE. (100 Most powerful Arab women 2013 ) This indicates that women in UAE have been continuing to show potential in the political area. Another example would be Fatima Al Jaber. She is the CEO of Al Jaber group which has been working in Abu Dhabi for 43 years. (100 Most powerful Arab women 2013 ) This is a notable achievement for women in the corporate field. Promoting education and equal rights among women would result in such examples and this depicts that women are active and developing in various important fields of our society. There has been a notion to promote women empowerment that women have to empower women by voting for the women that stand in elections, by supporting and by encouraging each other. (Kannan, 2013)
Initially Emirati women were bound to contribute in the household activities Due to the appointment of four women in the Cabinet and due to an 18% increase in the amount of women in the federal national council suggests a clear case of women empowerment in recent times in the political field. UAE has been implementing the national strategy for 2013 – 2017 which has provisions for promoting women empowerment in the country. Currently there are 41.5% of women in the education sector. Additionally, 35% women in the health sector and 20% women in other social enterprises indicate clear growth of women in the public sector enterprises. The clear indications of progress in the condition of women in the political and corporate sector are substantial and should lead the future of women in a positive direction. UAE has shown signs to continue their efforts for boosting and empowering women’s positions in all fields on a national and international level.(UAE committed to women’s empowerment, 2013)


This passage contains a rough opinion about the situation with women in the present and the past in the UAE. The passage also contains sections about the women have been in the past and what has caused that condition and why the condition should be addressed and improved. There are also sections about how the government has been working to improve women’s position in the society by giving women a place in the cabinet. Also there is a section about how the women’s position in the political sector has gradually improved. Also there is part about the growth in the public sector enterprises regarding the population. The complete passage covers the primary concerns and considerations for the issue but it can still cover more ground on each possibility and for future steps for growth of women in the society. The passage can also cover more history of women’s position in the UAE. There is a possibility of additional content in this passage which would educate a person about the condition of women empowerment in the UAE. The current scenario of the world regarding Women empowerment still needs humongous improvement in its condition. UAE needs to improve the condition of women and promote Women Empowerment because UAE is one of the world’s most developing countries in many notable sectors. For overall development of the nation and for ensuring a spot in the world’s developed nations UAE needs to promote women empowerment.


Women Empowerment in UAE is a subject of mass debate as it has shown signs of immense growth in the recent past. The condition of women in society was improper and it felt that they deserved much more. Initially they had to be just a household manager but now she fulfills the roles of both household and work which is a great feat considering the rate at which they have developed. There have been examples of women in UAE showing immense stature in their relevant fields in the country which are more than noticeable. There is a sizeable growth of potential in women in the political sector of the country. There has also been progress in the public sector industries regarding the condition and contribution of women in the field. The conditions of the current scenario suggest future growth potential concerning women in the subject of women empowerment. The Indicators of the growth of women through time is substantial and should be given acceleration through catalysts like policies helping women and promoting literacy and higher education in women. (Metcalfe, 2008)

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