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Trauma and critical care personal statement

Trauma centers have a great responsibility due to the increasing number of accidents and other serious major injuries in America. I have witnessed many of such tragic accident cases and have also treated them. When I was small, I wanted to do something that would include performing roles that would be very challenging. Since my childhood, I wanted to be a surgeon as it offers all the excitement, responsibilities and challenges that I wanted from a job that would be my career. However, as I grew up, I found the entire process of getting selected in a good university and becoming a surgeon required a lot of patience, Hardwork and commitment. So, I better took the other way round and took up the corporate world by working in the fashion industry. But, that did not give me inner peace and so I left it after some years and then I pursued my dream of becoming a surgeon.
Critical cases of the patients that are brought into the trauma center does not simply get cured by the surgery, but there are many other levels of care, compassion and warmth that is required to be shown to the patients. This would help them to overcome the fear, stress and the after effects of the tragic accident or incident that has happened to them that brought them to the trauma center. At the same time, trauma center has to have the capacity and ability to withstand critical conditions, that occur specially during any terrorist attack or a natural disaster as there would be a huge fleet of patients being brought to the trauma center during such times.
I am currently working as a surgical resident at the Department of Surgery in SUNY Downstate. I have obtained an Emergency Medical Technician Certificate from the San Francisco medical Association in 2007. I also won the Resident of the Year Award in 2014 for my performance and contribution to the Surgical Residency Department. I have tutored many students that are pursuing a specific subject in medical sciences. I have contributed my experience regarding intrathoracic stomach in a journal article that was published by Surgical Endoscopy. I have a sound experience of surgery throughout my career. I have attended many conferences and events as well as small workshops that has helped in obtaining an extensive research and knowledge about my field.
Handling a trauma patient is something that I like to do because it provides me with the scope of incorporating innovation through expertise for all the cases as each and every case is different from one another. It provides me with a chance to directly impact the lives of the patients that have undergone a tragic accident and are at the trauma center for their treatment. I could use my surgical and other expertise for intervening with them and providing them with an extensive care for their advanced care and better healing. Handling the critical care patient involves a systematic approach where one can find the best possible treatment from the potential options that are available.
I would like to interact with the critical care and trauma center patients as it would provide me with an inner satisfaction that I have always been yearning throughout my life. Performing critical tasks and shining out through the challenges and problems that come into my way are my forte. I am passionate about working in a critical care and trauma department. I would like to take my experience, expertise, knowledge and skills to a level that would help me to achieve excellence throughout my career and help in pursuing my dream of impacting or changing the lives of the people. The fellowship program would help me to polish my abilities and learn new things that would immensely help me to handle the cases of trauma and critical care with higher efficiency.
On the same note, I would like you to consider my plea for carrying a fellowship program in the trauma and critical care department.


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March 9, 2018

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