Persuasive Speech on Perseverance

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Outline for Persuasive speech
Specific purpose: To persuade my audience to be persistent for achieving their goals.
Thesis Statement: Perseverance is the only tool that would lead an individual to success.
We all like to live a comfortable life and enjoy luxuries in it. But, to be honest, we do not really have the dedication and sincerity to persuade our dreams irrespective of the obstacles that come into our way. The high end technology and easy and quick availability of the necessary things has made all of us intolerant. We all have become impatient in everything we do. But, what does this impatience bring us. It provides lack of efforts, loss of dedication and lack of desire to work hard consistently. It is this scenario, where most of the successful people leave the masses behind through perseverance and consistent efforts. Perseverance has to be achieved through consistent efforts and dedication to one’s goals and this would ultimately lead to achievement of the goals and fulfilment of the dreams.
There is an increasing need among the individuals to attain perseverance in their performance due to the following reasons:
A. People have become relatively impatient and there are many harmful effects of impatience.
1. Most of the people try to get the results as soon as they have applied the efforts. This has led to excessive level of impatience.
2. People are developing unnecessary stress due to their impatience. There are lifetime costs of impatience (Cadena & Keys, 2014)
3. People develop hyper tension and other such disorders due to continuous impatience and this is not advisable for long term health point of view.
B. Working habits have deteriorated in quality as a result of which perseverance is lost.
01. Lack of dedication and determination while working has been observed through various surveys by the researchers.
02. Carrying unnecessary personal work while working leads to less patience while performing the actual tasks at work.
03. There has been increasing cases of irregularities in the timing of the people due to absence of perseverance and consistency (Kapur, 2014).
C. Excessive use of the internet for useless stuffs reduces the sincerity leading to loss of perseverance.
01. There has been tremendous increase in the use of internet non-productive stuffs.
02. The productive time of the people has been consumed in doing useless surfing and chatting.
03. People spend majority of their time on internet for browsing over the social media which leads to decrease in the ability of perseverance.
There is a simple and easy to follow habit that each one of us can develop in order to develop the virtue of perseverance in our life.
A. Having the courage to follow your dreams
01. Realise your dreams and what you want from your life.
02. Identify your potential and develop goals.
03. Identify the path that are available
04. Select the most appropriate path which does not have any shortcuts (Duckworth, Peterson, Matthews, & Kelly, 2007).
B. After developing a dream, it is necessary to evaluate the use of time for developing effective utilization of time:
01. One has to keep a track of time during providing their efforts.
02. Allotting appropriate time to the tasks has to be done and it has to be observed strictly that the tasks get completed within the allotted time.
03. A daily schedule consisting of all the tasks has to be made and time has to be managed between all the tasks mentioned in the schedule.
C. Setting up of priorities so as to get the important tasks done:
01. Evaluating the importance of the things for the attainment of dreams and achieving the goals by an individual.
02. Making a priority list at the end of the day for the next day or at the beginning of the day for current day.
03. Observing sincerity and perseverance while performing the tasks which are set as per the priorities (Ammons & Newell, 1989).
We can realize the benefits of following perseverance in our efforts and maintaining it on a routine basis. This requires development of a clear vision regarding the attainment of goals and estimating the future position or heights of success which you want to reach.
A. Help to overcome the past failures
01. All of the people from the audience have at least failed once in their lives.
02. To overcome this failure and emerge victorious, one has to persevere his/ her dreams and follow them rigorously
03. Perseverance would help in getting success in any desired field.
B. Help to achieve one’s dreams and goals within a specific time as desired by an individual.
C. Boost your performance to new heights and help in exploration of your abilities and skills.
D. Provide extremely good results and outcome through consistent practice of perseverance.
Counter Arguments:
• There is very common habit of humans that the reason each and every situation according to their knowledge, mind-set and beliefs. This may adversely affect the approach to perseverance (Mercier & Sperber, 2011).
• People should be able to identify the point after which they have to change or redirect their efforts while persevering their goals. This is very difficult to observe as the attitudes that are developed in the individuals are such that it makes it very difficult to evaluate them (Tormala & Petty, 2002).
• Speed of the persuasive speech is also very important to ensure that the desired level of understanding regarding the subject of perseverance is obtained. However, it is very critical to determine and develop an optimum speed which is argued by many since ages. There is a huge threat of incomplete information or misunderstanding developed among the receivers (Miller, Maruyama, Beaber, & Valone, 1976).

While concluding, I would like each one of you to realize their dreams and develop the courage to fulfil them. There’s a very good quote given by Julie Andrews, which states that,
“Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th.”
It is not important to know how many times you have failed or tried, but the only thing that should be taken into account is the ultimate drive to win or emerge successful in the world. Thus, even though you have failed earlier, you can surely achieve success through continuous perseverance and sincerity.

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March 9, 2018

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