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Abu Dhabi Police

Sheikh Shakbut bin Al Nahyan laid the foundation of Abu Dhabi police in 1957 which has grown and prospered to become the monumental structure and the pillar of business in Abu Dhabi I present day. Abu Dhabi police was in its foundation stages for almost decades till it was affiliated with the ministry of interior in 1979. It was the initiation of a continuous process which reached sustainable growth over the years and stepped into the important stages of its years. Sheikh Shakbut bin Al Nahyan who was the ministry of interior at the time is responsible for leading the Abu Dhabi Police into an era of significance and sustainable growth and taking it to its glory phase. The resolution of the affiliation was a principle step after Abu Dhabi police had been working on affair like traffic, prison, security, passports, and the inspection for illegal substances being smuggled into Abu Dhabi. It wasn’t unimportant affairs they were attached in before the affiliation, but Abu Dhabi police became much more meaningful and useful after the Affiliation. (Abu Dhabi Police GHQ, 2014)
Following the establishment of Abu Dhabi General Headquarters in 2004, Abu Dhabi police was in the phase of strategic growth and development. The eventual growth of the police strategy mirrored the achievements of Sheikh Shakbut bin Al Nahyan. The establishment of Police Project Committee led Abu Dhabi Police into an era of unique achievement and provided them an identity which separated them from the ordinary into an organization supporting the continuous growth of Abu Dhabi and began their involvement in many significant public service and other projects over the years which were key moments for Abu Dhabi.
One of the first monumental achievements of Abu Dhabi Police was the celebration of Golden Jubilee in 2007 on the 5th of December. The celebration involved a massive wedding ceremony of fifty Abu Dhabi nationals and various public events like symposium and lectures showcasing the achievements of Abu Dhabi Police over the years. The celebration was also associated with the demonstration of milestones achieved by Abu Dhabi Police in imparting training, utilizing technical aspects, security capacities and countless social activities supported by Abu Dhabi over the years. (Absal, 2007)
Other significant events hosted by the Abu Dhabi were the unveiling of the Formula One Grand Prix Car on the 31st of October and a similar event associated with the Falcon Bike which was featured on the Discovery Channel.
Role of Project Management – Police Projects Committee

The projects being undertaken by Abu Dhabi Police are achieved under the banner of the Police Projects Committee which is involved in specific construction and public service projects in the city. For project management, Abu Dhabi has worked under the wing of firms like BNC and KN international. Abu Dhabi Police was also responsible for the successful completion of the 7 million dollar housing project for the police officers which was completed in 2012. (KN International, 2014)

Abu Dhabi Police has also worked as a catalyst in public service projects for being a key element by undertaking the process of the passing of tenders the building of a modern fertility centre and the project is currently ongoing under their supervision and guidance. The Engineering Projects association of Abu Dhabi is the principle authority on headlining the projects in Abu Dhabi. They are dedicated to projects like police buildings, supply assistance buildings and equipment housing facilities.
Organizational Structure

The organizational structure of Abu Dhabi Police has departments like the Diwan dept, vehicle renting dept, security info dept, and strategic management and performance improvement department which come under the authority of the commander general of Abu Dhabi. Under him, there is the Deputy Commander General who is in charge of the legal affairs department, correctional affairs department and permanent discipline council. Under his authority are the general directorates for departments like Human Resource, Finance & Services, Policing operations, Central operations, Security affairs & ports and Guards & Establishments who handle respect sub-departments and facilities. (Abu Dhabi Police GHQ, 2014)
Project Management Process

Regarding their Project Management Process, the police project management committee coordinates with the Urban Planning Council in which the committee follows up on the council regard the timeframe and reducing as much as possible. In case of architectural competitions hosted by the PPC, the results are kept transparent. The technical standards maintained by the Police projects committee follow a consistent system administered by the Urban Planning Council which provides the guidelines for the technical aspects of the construction projects. Issuing the permit is one of the crucial tasks in the project management process by the PPC, which is done by the project contractor under the terms of the contract. In case of a justified delay in obtaining a permit under the circumstances that there are varied set of terms and conditions under government entities, there is sufficient time allotted according to the circumstances of the condition. Once the process of securing an NOC is complete, the recommendation regarding the site is handed over. In case of any issues regarding the process, the contractor of the project has to give a letter to the project director for discussion. (Engineering Projects Association, 2014)
PPC Projects

One of their significant projects has been the construction of the administrative building of Abu Dhabi Police GHQ located in the old cavalry site which housed four administrative building including the ground floor and 2 typical floors. There was also a parking structure with capacity to accommodate 500 cars which was a part of the basement, the ground floor and the first floor. Another one of their projects was the academy of civil defense situated at Al Haffar which consisted of 3 building namely, the office building, residential facility and the training service building. This facility was built for the development of the military forces which would be capable of handling multiple levels of threats. (Engineering Projects Association, 2014)

The project management done is on an individual contractor basis under the regulation of the police projects committee and if there are some issues regarding the project which cannot be managed by the contractors, then there is a slow communication between the superiors and the contractor. If that process was optimized in a manner that problems that involve higher authority can be taken directly to the project director assigned to the project. This would make the construction process quicker.
Interview with the PPC contractor

What the current trends that have been going on regarding the project management arena in UAE?
There have been many projects completed and going on under the wing of Police Projects Committee and all the projects go through the Engineering Projects Administration. The projects that have been recently going on have been of an increased scale and involving a lot of expertise which is outsourced from other countries. The rules and regulations regarding the passing of tenders of the projects have been the same, but there have been improvements in the technical guidelines of the construction projects which were much needed. All the projects follow a risk assessment process underlined by the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council. There has been increment in the projects involving health care buildings recently.

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