Report on Disciplinary Policies in DP World

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Executive Summary 2
Introduction 2
Terminology 3
Disciplinary Model in DP World 3
Progressive Discipline 5
Just Cause 5
Areas for Improvement 6
Justification 7
Conclusion 8
Recommendation Report 8
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Executive Summary

This project will shed light on Disciplinary policies in DP world. The initial emphasis has been laid on the concept of discipline and the need for a disciplinary policy to an organization. After the theoretical understanding of the concept and significance of a disciplinary policy, there is a brief terminology regarding disciplinary terms. There is a short introduction of the organization followed by the analysis of the current disciplinary model of DP world which is in place currently in the organization. The procedure of disciplinary action following a harassment complaint in the organization is depicted through a flow chart. There are certain recommendations regarding the current models as a corrective measure to optimize the process. The necessary changes are laid down and explained with flow chart through which the change applied can be distinctively observed. There is a justification mentioned regarding the corrective changes applied to the model and how it is appropriate and better compared to the earlier policy terms. This project is concluded briefly in the end.

An organization is formed of groups of interdependent people working together towards a common organizational goal. By being in an organization, these people have to interact with each other on a daily basis to accomplish those work goals with the help of their own unique abilities which is a premise that leaves open many possibilities for a conflict in an organization. To ensure that there is a harmonious atmosphere in the workplace, there is a certain requirement for a disciplinary policy in any organization which is necessary for taking corrective disciplinary actions against individuals acting against disciplinary protocol. (Knight & Ukpere, 2014)
Discipline as a concept and its subsequent rules construct a significant aspect of an organization. It is required that these policies and rules are adherent with international labour laws to ensure a fair set of rules applicable at a global scale in workplaces. The set of established rules are for the complete chain of command and not just for the subordinates. To completely understand the importance of disciplinary measures, an appropriate example of a company will be analyzed and the company policies regarding business ethics will be subjected to observation. (Labour Relations Agency, 2005)

Discipline: The common practice in an organization to train employees to obey a protocol using disciplinary measures/punishments to correct disobedience is known as Discipline.
Oral Reprimand: It is a disciplinary measure transmitted verbally through a senior through a subordinate which includes a statement regarding the nature of misconduct and what measures are to be taken to correct the behavior.
Written Reprimand: A written notice of a formal nature given to an employee regarding the nature of misconduct and a warning regarding a future punishment if the actions are not corrected or are repeated.
Termination: The act of separating an employee from an organization as a result of his misconduct or series of acts of misconduct which is considered to be the most severe form of punishment considering organizational norms. (Government of Canada, 2014)
Disciplinary Model in DP World

DP world is the name of the organization which manages the Dubai port operations of storage and transportation. Its portfolio contains 65 terminals spanning across 6 continents. DP World is a world renowned organization spread across continents with a very huge network of employees. (DP World, 2014)They have a well built series of standards in case of business conduct compliance with laws. The first set of standards as given by DP world are regarding the case of conflicts of interest generated between the suppliers, contractors and the company or also between the employees. That describes the standard set of rules which are to be adhered with the employees of the organization and the HR department forming these policies is bullet-proof. Employees are responsible to deliver highest standards of work and no employee is supposed to take benefit of the company assets or take benefit of privileged information for personal benefits or tarnishing the work and image of the company. (DP World, 2011)
Regarding the compliance with the company’s code of conduct and any incident of ethical behavior, the disciplinary policies suggest that if any violation or breach is witnessed, then the incident is to be reported to the employee’s Line manager. If the employee doesn’t feel appropriate to do so, the employee can directly approach the Human Resources department or the company secretary. Any issues with the conduct of an employee will be investigated thoroughly. The employee who has reported the events will not be subjected to situations like a suspension or termination unless he/she has acted against good faith.
If any employee who has been found to have committed acts against the policy and code of conduct then he will be subjected to strict disciplinary action which will involve suspension or termination judging by the intensity. Each and every employee of the organization is supposed to comply with these rules. The responsibility of observing compliance in the business areas is upon the respective regional heads. DP world also has a strict policy regarding Equal Opportunity and anti-discrimination so each and every department will make sure that individuals and/or group of individuals has to same privileges. The management has to ensure that all the policies and procedures of the company should be neutral in effect and also that the principles in effect are applicable to all the phases of employment. It has to be made sure that the employees are evaluated on the basis of their performance and behavior and a hostile-free work environment is created. (Dp World , 2011)
There is also a policy dictating the rules regarding harassment of all types (verbal, non-verbal, visual, and physical advancements) and the procedures following the acts are fairly strict to make sure no such event arises. (Figure 1) The informal approach towards it includes self-help and third party intervention. The formal approach involves stages of initial interview, investigation and recommendation stage which will involve the final disciplinary action taken against the responsible individual.

Progressive Discipline

They are a set of procedures formed to develop a framework to implement discipline in the organization. It is also used to prevent undesirable behavior from the employees. Every company forms a disciplinary policy adhering to organizational values of the organization. The levels of disciplinary measures which are applied vary according to the organization. These disciplinary measures impact the conduct of the employees of the organization.

Just Cause

It is a term used for a certain provision in an employee contract. It can be regarded as a provision for the employer in order to avoid providing severance to an employee. The concept of “Just Cause” is that in certain situation, if the employer finds a reasonable basis to terminate an employee’s contract, he can do so without providing severance or prior notice. For being able to do that, a provision regarding “just cause” needs to be in the employee contract. This provision in order to be effective needs to be well-drafted and it should list the bases of termination which can possibly be mentioned. Situations out of the ones mentioned in the contract can also serve as the basis of a just cause but it needs to be mentioned for review. (Buethe, 2013).
The following flow chart depicts the disciplinary course of action which is normally performed in case of a complaint against an individual regarding harassment.

Figure 1 DP World Disciplinary Procedure
Areas for Improvement

The model for disciplinary action displayed the course of action that is applied when a line manager comes across a complaint regarding harassment of any kind and it displayed the process till its result. The process lacks certain actions which need to be taken and factors that need consideration before the strict disciplinary actions are taken. This model doesn’t consider the factor that employees are considered as the assets and there needs to be an elaborate investigation on the matter or the accused can be given a chance of appeal. There should be a consideration of an employee acting on bad faith and accusing another employee for a personal grudge or gain. If a step is included in the process involving the consideration of those factors, then the process will get a bit lengthy and time consuming but it is worth saving a considerable asset of the company.
A policy of investigation will give a fair chance to the employee and matters will be clearer. If the accusation proves to be true, then the remaining course of action can remain the same. The investigation will be pursued according to the charges and colleagues of the accused will be questioned. The investigation is to be done by the accused employee’s line manager.

Figure 2 DP World Improved Disciplinary policy

The post analysis improvements will result in a fair process and an additional change of an appeal hasn’t been added to save the time and efforts of a company and if the formal investigation proves that the employee will be suspended or terminated. If the process is lengthened then it won’t be strict enough and the policies should reflect a strict manner of action so that discipline is observed in the organization at all level and all circumstances. The investigation will be rigorous so that the outcome is fair to the accused employee and the organizational system. The earlier procedure was not a fair procedure in comparison to the corrected procedure due to the fact that the earlier procedure did not allow the accused individual a chance for proving that he is not at fault. This improved Change upon the old process will make sure that the employee gets a fair chance in an ordeal. At the same time, it assures that much time of the business hours aren’t wasted on lengthy disciplinary policies. This change will make the employees feel that everybody has an equal chance through the change in the process and nobody can just point fingers at each other and get others terminated. This is an airtight policy change and doesn’t need to be elongated except for the cause that majority of the employees request for the change or there is a new provision in the labor law.

The disciplinary model of DP world is a tight instrument for observing necessary discipline in a multinational organization. It covers all liable crimes and has justified processes and outcomes covered in their HR policies. The policies were analyzed and key changes were brought forward in the corrected model to ensure a fair procedure for the individual as the earlier procedure was seemingly harsher and didn’t leave space for the accused to have a very good chance of keeping his job or keep him from being suspended. The improved policy will hopefully suffice for the employees and won’t create a dispute. The disciplinary models of organizations are supposed to be concrete and employees should feel that they are the part of a big organization and need to respect the organization and its rules and procedures in order to maintain the sanctity and the decorum of any workplace.
Recommendation Report

The Manager, Human Resources
Dear Sir,
I should like to say that the disciplinary environment in DP World has been going on smoothly for the most part but due to the nature of the recent events coming up, there is a need for change in the core disciplinary policy which I would like to suggest you. The specific suggestion regarding the policy is that there needs to a formal investigation on any matter being presented to you. It should be steady for all issues to not create confusion. If you would kindly consider making these changes to the policy then I am sure it would be a significant contribution in formulating a stricter and refined decorum in the society.
Yours Faithfully,
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