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United Nation is known for forming an international support system with many branches for supporting various causes in the world whenever the need arises. World Food Program (WFP) is one of its branches which support the cause of providing food securities to countries facing scarcity or disasters. World food program provides food aid needed for an active and healthy life to the needy. The primary aim of WFP is to eradicate hunger and poverty through various projects, campaigns and interventions. These endeavors are directed to use food aid to assist economic and social development, saving lives in natural disasters and other emergency situations and to lend a hand to governments for constructing assets and form resources for making people self-reliant mainly through labor-intensive work programs. (Eat & Feed, 2014)
Eat & Feed is one of the campaigns initiated by the World food program to support the cause of eradicating hunger. Eat & Feed initiative provides an opportunity to hotels and restaurants in UAE to lend a hand in supporting their cause without interrupting their own business aimed at serving their customers. Al Aroud Group is supporting this initiative to help it retain & spread in UAE through its hospitality chains in form of restaurants. The restaurants linked to the hospitality chain are Bennigan’s, Earthfruits Yoghurt and La Postreria which support the cause by raising funds through providing meals and services to customers and staff. By this campaign WFP aims to support the initiative to further achieve the goal of witnessing a world with zero hunger.

Hunger affects 900 million people around the world which also includes the Middle-East. The objective of this campaign is to support the people of the world who need help with surviving by providing them food. Poor nutrition causes nearly half of the deaths in children fewer than five years of age, which makes the number reach up to 3.1 million children each year. A lot of money is required to support this cause which is not easy to achieve. This makes is necessary for organizations like WFP to step in and organize a campaign to support this initiative. (World Food Program, 2014)
The primary objective of Eat & Feed campaign is to involve restaurants and companies to support this initiative while providing the services they provide for their business and supporting hunger-ridden population at the same time through the extra money generated through the campaign. There are other methods through which money can be collected for the cause but the objective persists to remain that hunger is to be eradicated and promoting the cause to attract more people to join the cause of completing the zero hunger challenge and ridding the world of hunger through possible means. (Eat & Feed, 2014)
While the primary objective remains to eradicate global hunger, there are four secondary objectives:
1) To save lives and protect employments and sustain life during emergencies.
2) To lend a hand to assist food security and nutrition and also to renovate and reconstruct employment and making people self-reliant.
3) To enable risk assessment and reduction of risk and at the same time, empowering Countries, communities and people within them to meet the food requirements and fulfilling their nutrition needs.
4) To minimize malnutrition and breaking the cycle of intergenerational hunger by employment and provisions. (World Food Program, 2014)
These objectives are further divided for the subsidiary campaigns and organizations under WFP to facilitate optimized methods and performance to benefit the cause.
Through these objectives, Eat & Feed will work to:
1) Utilize the food aid received to assist economic and social development.
2) Encounter the needs of emergency situations regarding food and nutrition needs and also supporting the logistics.
3) Advocate world food security with regard to recommendations provided by United Nations and World Food Programme.
Eat & Feed individually aims to raise funds, through means of services and events.
In accordance with these objectives, WFP will aid countries b providing emergency relief and supporting disaster prevention, readiness and risk and problem mitigation while providing rehabilitation after disasters. The benefits of the money obtained through Eat & Feed are too be utilized to help achieving the objectives set by WFP to eradicate hunger at a long shot. (World Food Program, 2014)


The Primary target of Eat & Feed as an initiative by WFP is to eradicate world hunger. It is a really difficult and gigantic goal and a humongous achievement but the path to eradication of world hunger is long and years would pass till the target has been achieved. The secondary target is to make people self reliant and able to earn for their own food. The secondary objective can achieved only with the completion of the primary objective. WFP visualizes a world in which every human being has access to food at all times to be able to live a nutritious life. The objectives of Eat & Feed are aligned with the objectives of WFP as it is an initiative directly under WFP. (World Food Program, 2014)
At a long shot, WFP aims to play an important part of United Nations and make the world focus on the cause of hunger as the centre of the international agenda. Through every initiative, policy and campaign, WFP aims to benefit the poor and the hungry.
As per the calculation of WFP, USD 3.2 billion is required to feed 66 million school age children. It is one of the indicators how the primary targets can be achieved. Eat & Feed is aiming to involve more and more restaurants under its wind thus optimizing its performance towards collecting sufficient funds to actively support WFP to its fullest.
Team Members

Eat & Feed works through restaurants and the restaurants are considered to be its partners in supporting the cause to attain funds to support WFP in eradicating hunger. Eat & Feed is currently partners with 4 restaurants in UAE to support the cause.
World Food Programme as a collective unit is partners with various international organizations like Food & Agriculture Organization and International Fund for Agricultural Development. Other than that, it works with governments, NGOs and several private sector companies for its cause.
The executive director of WFP is Etharin Cousin who has 25 years of experience in working with several government and non-government organizations aiding the cause of hunger and food. The senior leadership consists of Amir Mahmoud Abdulla as deputy executive director and Chief Operating Officer. The assistant executive directors of WFP are Ramiro Armando De Oliveira Lopes De Silva and Manoj Juneja.

Intro of the Industry

The Eat & Feed campaign is a part of the non-profit organization World Food Programme which works under the United Nations. World Food Program comes in the group of organizations which serve the world and its causes in the form of non-profit & non-government organizations. This group of organization has been constantly serving the world helping people and countries during disasters and fighting diseases, war and hunger. Other NGOs working is the same background are the International Red Cross, World Health Organization, UNFP, UNAIDS, Red Crecent, UNESCO, FAO, IFAD, etc. and WFP has worked with 190 NGOs in the year 2013. They collectively work together during disasters which depicts that there is not an atmosphere of competetion in the industry but just a will to help. These type of organizations have grown actively during the years collaborating with the rising number of NGOs in any country and actively lending a helpful hand to countries to sustain their needy people during the time of disaster, floods or drought.

Eat & Feed campaign works to collect money for food aid by working with the restaurants and hotels by inviting customers to add a voluntary donation to their bill throughout the year. A minimal amount of 1 AED to 5 AED can be added on every bill as donation. The companies can also organize staff luncheons, gala dinners and iftars during the month of Ramadan or participative events for the people to support the cause.
World Food Programme has various different worldwide initiatives to support the cause of hunger. WFP works by providing school meals in many countries and communities. Their Food for assets program motivates people to work and provides them food for building assets which aims to improve access to food and promotes gender equality. WFP also provides cash and food vouchers to purchase food for them. Its purchase for progress initiative works by supporting agricultural development in developing countries. WFP also aims at concentrating on women for helping their cause to combat hunger as it is observed that they are the best at it. WFP performs food performs security analysis before initiating efforts and campaigns for their cause determining the magnitude of the problem. WFP provides food to areas espite any kind of weather or terrain difficulties and works with an average of 30 ships, 50 aircrafts and 5,000 trucks.
Eat & Feed funds reach WFP through check or bank transfers as regulated by Islamic Affairs & Charitable Activities Department of the government of Dubai. 10% of the donated funds will go towards Dubai Charity association. Transactions will be as transparent as possible.
Present Progress

During the year 2012, WFP served amidst floods, war, and drought while WFP collectively with its partners distributed 3.5 metric tons of food assisting 97.2 million people in 80 countries. WFP was successful in stabilizing or reducing malnutrition for 7.2 million children under the age of 5. WFP succeeded in stopping or stabilizing acute malnutrition in 90% cases. WFP increased disaster preparedness and national capacity of food security in 15 countries. It received the highest level of funding since 2008 which was $4.38 billion. Suffering people received 7.9 million dollars in cash aid. With help of WFP, farmers were able to generate an income of $150 million. WFP is currently partners with FAO, IFAD, International Red Cross, UNDP, UNAIDS, UNESCO, UNFPA, UNICEF, WORLD Bank and other non-government/non –profit bodies.

Future Prospects

WFP is has been consistently providing aid to hunger ridden populations and will continue to expand their reach and work throughout the world helping whenever needed. It is also currently helping people in the Syrian war and will continue to do so. It has framed certain specific objectives in their strategy plan which extends till 2017. They have established clear objectives for the future which are:
1) Save Lives and protect employment during emergencies and disasters.
It is further described that they will work with other similar type of organizations as quickly as possible and efficiently assess needs and maintain access with humanitarian organizations, and deploy a mixture of tools for targeting populations to help. It includes meeting urgent food requirements of needy people and reduces malnutrition to below-zero levels. Helping governments to restart and renovate employment opportunities by connecting to markets and managing food systems is one of the goals of their strategy plan under this objective. Supporting refugees and relocating and re-integrating displaced people is also one of their goals.
2) To Support or restore food security and nutrition and establish or rebuild employments in delicate settings and follow emergencies.
WFP will work with others to restore or support food security in fragile conditions whenever possible. Initially the poorest and most malnutrition population will be targeted and then other people will be given the benefit of services and supplies. Ensuring equal access and control towards food & nutrition for women & men is among the goals of achieving this objective.

3) To minimize risk and enable people, communities and countries to encounter food & nutrition needs.
This objective states that it focuses on uniting with other organizations on site and help countries develop resistance to shocks and adapt to disasters and climate change through assistance in the form of food & nutrition. This objective based on its ability and experience with working during disasters and vulnerabilities will aid in helping governments embrace adverse climate changes and disasters. It helps people to leverage purchasing powers to connect small holder farmers and supports men and women in agriculture during losses after a bad harvest. It helps in strengthening the capacity of governments and communities to establish and manage and increase food security and maintain systems related to agricultures.
4) To reduce malnutrition and break the cycle of hunger.
To unlock the potential of weak communities it is essential to break the cycle of hunger which also advocates economic growth. Chronic malnutrition is fatal to life and livelihoods in any community.


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March 7, 2018

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