Report on Functionality and Vitality Assessment in an Organisation


Human Resource Department is a critical and well integrated department in the organization. This department is in charge managing the employees and their potential. HR managers are required to observe the potential of each and every employee through their work and commitment. Most companies do have their own formal procedures to identify the potential of the employees in their company. But in certain occasions there is a requirement to observe a broad range of problems within the organization. In my company, there are around 500 employees working in different departments and levels. It is important to identify the potential of the employees in order to boost the potential of employee in the specifically required areas. As an HR manager I am required to form a rigorous analysis of the working potential of the employees in the HR department and how well they are working in the organization. This can be done through the usage of a vitality model chart and a functionality chart which covers a wide array of factors that affect the potential of the employee pool in the HR department in order to further enhance the potential of the employees.
Functionality Assessment of the Employees
After referring the integrated questionnaire which helps in the formation of this chart, it can be observed that the employees are well engaged in the activities of the organization are they are committed to work. The reason behind this is the adequate amount of motivation that they get. Employees are given perks and leaves for good performance and are considered for promotion of there is a requirement but aside that, the area of rewards is unutilized in the organization. There is room for improvement in the rewards factor. The factor of assimilation is very high as the employees have formed a good repertoire with each other and formed a good team. But when the work is assigned, the process of deployment is not very strong as employees can have their own tasks to do and if there a specific task that requires a team of employees then it can be problematic. (Ready & Conger, 2007)

The employees that are working in the department have good potential which reflects on the sourcing factor but due to the extensive work and long hours, employees are not able to keep up with multiple tasks at hand. This affects the retention factor of the functionality chart. As there is low amount of retention employees do not get fully developed and there are less number of development initiatives due to high amount of work. The performance management factor and development factor lack in the organization due to the association of these factors.
Vitality Assessment

Overall observation of the HR department and their activities gives defines the values in the vitality chart after going through the questionnaire. The level of commitment is high in the HR department as observed in the functionality. This also has a positive impact on the accountability level in the organization. The engagement level is relatively low due to the fact that workload in the organization and the high amount of retention impact the engagement factor of the HR staff. This also has an impact on the accountability as the dependability decreases due to the lack of performance management issues and lack of development initiatives and rewards.

There is need to organize the employee pool after analyzing the potential of the employee pool in order to assign the tasks in the organization accordingly. There is also a dire need to train and develop the employees further to enhance the productivity of the organization. This will enhance the potential of the employees further who have a low amount of potential. Certain development programs will include all the employees as there is scope for improvement in the employee pool with a high potential. When the potential of the employees is analyzed, the tasks can be appropriately divided and the workload can be managed more efficiently. This will reduce the level of stress in employees and retention factor can improve further. After enhancing the potential of employees the level of rewards have to be assigned and they are to be provided to the well deserving employees. Following these steps can improve the working potential of the employees to a greater extent.
Ready, D. A., & Conger, J. A. (2007). Make Your Company a Talent Factory. Harvard Business Review.


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March 7, 2018

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