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Halliburton is major service provider for the energy sector that was established in the year 1919. It has now reached the podium of the world’s largest provider of services and products to the energy sector. It is a gargantuan business unit with employing a workforce of 75,000 employees with a high level of diversity. Halliburton initiated a large scale venture with the settling of its first laboratories for conducting research on construction material and began offering services related to acidizing for enhancing the process of oil production. Through the course of time, Halliburton has expanded its operations to the eastern and western hemisphere by the year 2007. Halliburton currently runs two separate wings of services which are drilling and evaluation and the other wing takes care of completion and production. (Halliburton, 2015)
Ethics in Halliburton

Halliburton has a strong foundation of Ethics laid down for sustainability and better governance. This high about of value for the ethics and code of the conduct is clearly reflected on the guiding principles of the company and Halliburton has tried to align its future strategies with its principles. The code of business conduct laid down by Halliburton has to be followed by each and every member of the company from its employees to the board of directors. Halliburton even emphasizes on their suppliers and consultants to abide by the code of conduct. The code of conduct expands to areas like employment practices, audits, taxation and security. This strict outlook towards their code of business ethics shows discipline and adherence to principles. (Halliburton, 2014)
Ethics and Responsibility in Various Areas of the Company

Ethics in Human Resources

Halliburton denotes in a strong manner that hostile actions action in the office environment and actions leading to an intimidating atmosphere are prohibited in the company. Any kind of discriminatory or disrespectful behavior is strictly banned and rigorous actions are taken against those who do so. Rules and regulations regarding employee wages are strictly followed and the company pre-screens the suppliers or consultants that it deals with. This section is associated with the recruitment process of the company. The company also forbids child labor and puts pressure on screening the laborers that it employs to know about the relevant factors. Same goes for the payment of wages and the payment scale should not reflect discrimination based on age, gender or race.
Ethics in Finance
Halliburton believes in complete transparency with the shareholders and other stakeholders regarding the finances of the company. Halliburton achieves this by formal reporting, and personal engagement with shareholders and communication with the other industries and the public. Shareholder engagement is done through annual meetings and the investment committee is also a part of these events. (Halliburton, 2014)
Supply Chain Management Ethics
Halliburton prescreens its supplier before starting a contract or project with them. The suppliers are required to be bound by certain legal requirement originating from local or international law. They also have to go through appropriate audits and preserve records of the transactions. Suppliers have to inform about the source about the raw materials when it comes to certain raw materials like minerals to observe if any environmental laws are breached. A global level of supply records is maintained for easy access to employees working various parts of the globe. (Halliburton, 2014)
Halliburton Scandal

Halliburton is considered to be funded and collaborated by the U.S. government in many ways through political ties and the fact that Dick Cheney used to be a Halliburton CEO. Halliburton is also known to work in conflict zones through subsidiary companies. In this specific incident, Halliburton was working in the Iraq green zones through a military company known as KBR. The incident was that an employee was brutally raped by the contractors working on the site after being given a drug. (Ross, 2007)Many efforts were made to put this information under the carpet but media came to know about this issue and the lawsuit against the company was observed by the media. In this lawsuit, Halliburton walker through despite test results by the army hospital in Iraq where she went after the incident. This incident was highlighted by the media and at the end of the lawsuit, Jamie Liegh Jones did not get justice and has to pay the company back. The reports in the media suggested that due to political backing, the case did not meet a desirable end. (Shepherd, 2011)

The section regarding Ethics in the HR department suggest that strict rules are followed and any offensive action is taken into account and strict actions will be taken against the parties who have committed the mistake. During this incident, Halliburton did not take any steps to investigate in the matter and the responsible parties were left free. This stance of no action was dejected by the media and Halliburton came under a very negative light due to this incident and trial.

This investigation into the ethics and code of conduct of the company which depicts a very strong image regarding how it complies with rules and imposes strict rules on the employees. This scandal was a very brutal incident that happened on Halliburton premises and the crime was committed by Halliburton employees on a Halliburton employee. After this level of involvement, Halliburton manages to defend itself rather than fighting for the right of the employee and adhering to its code of ethics.
The image depicted by the company did not go hand to hand with the events that happened after the incident. If this kind of incident happens in the future I would recommend Halliburton to takes strict measures and investigate into the matter. If other employees are involved in a crime as such, then it becomes an even bigger reason to comply with the rules and make an example of their ethics and code of conduct. Acceptance of a crime committed by the employees is an acceptable act but hiding behind politics and lawyers spoil the image of the company.
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