Report on Human Resource Plaaning in Dubai

Planning Human Resources
Human Resources are the most vital form of resources in any organization, especially when it comes to a manufacturing company like Dubal. Organizations go through various stages and transformations before they can implement any effective strategy. Human Resource planning is essential for managing the balance in the organization among the employees. Over the years, companies have been addressing the need for merging HR planning as a vital part of strategic planning as the changing times have made it apparent for managers to regulate investments and direct them towards the human resources as much as any other department. In order to manage and create effective management strategies it is necessary to train and motivate the employees to participate in various processes attributed to the strategies. (International Civil Service Commission, 2001)
However, it is necessary to define the stages that are vital to facilitate effective human resources planning, among which defining the organizational design is the first major part.
Organization Design

Dubai Aluminum Company Limited (Dubal) is the name associated with one of the largest aluminum smelters in the world with a power station housed inside the plant. The accomplishments made by Dubal in terms of manufacturing aluminum products have been known for its high quality and design. The plant situated at Jabhel Ali, Dubai houses a high power carbon plant, a 9, 90,000 metric tonne per annum aluminum smelter and a 2,335 megawatt power station has established itself as one of the largest and the most reliable aluminum manufacturing companies in the world. The company majorly manufactures three major categories of products:
1. Foundry Alloy for Aluminum Applications
2. Extrusion billet for construction, industrial and transportation
3. High purity aluminum for aerospace and electronic industries
The company supplies to over 45 countries around the world with a client list of 250 prestigious customers. It holds almost every certification of purity and quality and has won various accolades for its flawless quality in the manufacturing sector in the UAE.
The company offers a steady growth to the careers of its employees which is the main lucrative factor for the potential candidates to apply for positions in the company in the first place. When talking about the employment opportunities offered by the company, it is important to mention that the company does not limit itself to direct employments and offers number of indirect jobs through outsourcing and exports. These initiatives among many other contributions made for the socio-economic well-being of the country is what has made the company successful in the country. (Dubal, 2009)
Apart from the main line of business that it personally manages and carries out, Dubal is a 50 percent shareholder in EMAL (Emirates Aluminium Company Limited), a company whose values and mode of operations are similar to that of Dubal. This company is based in Abu Dhabi and rumors are that a share of aluminum production that is manufactured in the company is already set aside for Dubal.
The company has always believed in the process of continuous improvement which is why there is always a scope for more improvement in Dubal.
Talents and Manpower Planning

Dubal boasts of a dedicated workforce consisting of about 4000 tradesmen, workers, technicians and professionals well versed in various activities and jobs in the industry. Dubal won hearts when in 2009, it offered 22% of the total workforce recruitment to the country by providing employment to the local UAE nationals enabling development spree in the country. The most important value or factor that influences the functioning of the workforce in Dubal is the learning curve it offers through its job openings by propagating the lesson of life-long learning among the employees. Perseverance, hard work and quality are deemed to be the most important parts applicable to every resource associated with the organization. (Dubal, 2014)

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March 7, 2018

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