Report on National Bank of Abu Dhabi

National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) resides among the most successful banks in the middle-eastern region. Being based in UAE, they have deep roots in the Arab culture and banking traditions and they are expanding at an international level accompanying the unique qualities of the bank like Islamic baking to a global level.
Mission Statement
The mission statement of NBAD is to be vital to the important customers in a long term endeavor to provide them aid through innovation and to the clients spread across the west and east corridor as these factors help NBAD gain a competitive advantage and also as a an effort to grow and diversify the talent in the organization.
Vision Statement
The vision statement of NBAD is,
“To be recognized as the World’s Best Arab Bank”

NBAD has planned growth of the organization and its processes by:
Widening the network of wholesale and integrating the platforms of the appropriate networks.
To become the biggest and the most preferable bank in UAE.
To build four new branches for international integration.
Company Objectives


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March 7, 2018

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