Report on Developin a Marketing Mix Plan for Emirat Petrolum

The increase in the demand of petroleum in the Dubai industries and companies , as well as other plants have provided an enormous opportunity to the Emirat petroleum services to provide its product in the maximum companies. The major problem that poses in front of Emirat is reaching the companies and ensuring that the product is provided on time and its quality and other offers satisfies the client (Lev & Murphy, 2007).
The strategies and plans developed for improving the quality of the service that they provide have to be analysed on a pivot level before implementing it on large basis. The promotion of the company is also necessary to maximize its reach to the number of customers across the globe and this serves to be another P of marketing mix that refers to the promotional element. The company needs to obtain customized offers and concessions after evaluating the consumption from its contracts and orders from the current customers (Petit & McEnally, 1985). This offers would not only serve to attract more customers, but also lead to considerable amount of increase in sales from the long term perspective. For example, the petroleum industry that is the potential customers of the company involve daily consumers and few companies that purchase in bulk. So, for the daily consumers, they can develop various schemes that combine with the purchasing of petrol at the station. This involves providing food coupons for the bakeria, that is the cafeterias existing at the station and coupons that provide free service or concession on the use of various other services that is the automated car wash, change of oils, lubricants, etc.
The element of the marketing mix that needs to be focussed on a large scale here promotion of the service and merging it with attractive offers and schemes that would provide them with a niche over the other petrol service stations.

New marketing mix proposal:
The marketing mix refers to creating plans, strategies and analysis to increase the sales of the product and result in the growth of the business. The standard marketing mix has been developed by Jerome McCarthy in 1960 and is been widely adopted by the market researchers cross the globe. It has four P’s in it and they are namely (Kotler, 1964):
• Product- It refers to the needs and wants of the customers that they expect the product to fulfil.
• Price- It refers the cost of the product and service that the company provides to the customers.
• Promotion- It refers the advertisement and spreading awareness about the people among the masses.
• Place- it refers to the distribution of the product and service, means used for that and the ease in the method of vailing the product to the customers.

Here, for the Emirat petroleum, we need to develop a plan that adopts mix marketing and involves considering the importance of obtaining and understanding customer needs and demands accurately and this serves to be the first aspect of the marketing mix, that is, the first P of marketing mix that refers to the product. It also needs to focus on the convenience that they can provide to the customer in terms of the delivery of their order and this refers to the 4th P of marketing mix that is related to the place. With the proper understanding of the above two elements, Emirat needs to develop and implement strategies that would provide the best combination of the above two elements.


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March 10, 2018

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