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During the existing trend in the global businesses, there is a tremendous increase in the demands of the people and with the advancement of technology the number of potential options available to them have increased significantly. It has been a matter of great concern for all the businesses to develop a niche for itself in the market and develop a significant position for themselves on the global map. European Foundation for Quality management (EFQM) is a business model that has been developed to attain sustainability in the different functions that are performed in an organization across its business. It would help in attaining organizational excellence in the operations that are performed in the company through identifying the areas that are to be improved and at the same time, the operations that are performed through it (EFQM.ORG, 2016). It is very important model in terms of achieving sustainable as well as operational excellence across the functioning of any organization. It is a management tool that provides complete analysis of the processes that are followed in an organization and then develops a correct balance between them.
Dubai Municipality is involved in managing various functions and systems that are existing in Dubai and it has an exclusive contribution in the development of Dubai. There are various administration processes that are handled by them and it is very important to ensure efficiency in the operations that they perform. Hence, developing a business excellence model would help them in identifying the factors and areas that they need to improve and new strategies that have to be developed for improving their businesses across different departments. Dubai Municipality has a vital role in the development of the Dubai’s economy that serves to be one of the most important city in the UAE.
Critical Analysis of EFQM model
EFQM model has been constantly assisting businesses and organization all over the world since the last 25 years. The main purpose of the EFQM model is to help the organizations across the globe identify the existing level of business excellence that is existing in their structure and framework. It provides a business with a complete analysis of the stakeholder’s perspectives and helps in aligning it with the organizational objectives. It is a quality improvement tool that helps the organization to take considerable and effective steps towards achieving excellence (EFQM.ORG, 2016).
It provides a holistic view of the company o business that is carried in the company. It helps in achieving sustainable excellence through the effective utilization of the available resources to the organizations. It also involves developing an appropriate set up and structure that would include operational excellence in the business that are to be inculcated across its functioning. The stakeholder’s perspectives and ideology has very well adapted and considered in the EFQM model and it involves developing a consistent framework for the same in Dubai Municipality. There are many cultural as well as critical issues that can be covered while adapting the EFQM model for the operations that are carried out in Dubai Municipality. It has the potential to attain sustainability for the development activities, plans and policies that are developed by the DM for the development of the city. Different stake holders can easily be considered as well as managed effectively for the benefit of the organization through the EFQM model. It provides the highest standards of quality and operational excellence to be achieved through the business or management of an organization as in the case of Dubai Municipality (El Tigani, Keogh, Gardiner, & McAdam, 2009).
Dubai Municipality
Dubai Municipality has been involved in managing different processes that are carried out in the city and they are responsible for different issues that are pertaining to the administration of the city. Dubai municipality (DM) has the vision of, “We Accredit- World Recognize” and they have developed the Dubai Accreditation department (DAC) in Dubai Municipality. It has the quality practices for the assessment bodies in conformity. It has been recognized by the government through a specialized form of law passed by the DM (DM.GOV.AE, 2016).
There are many health and sanitation related problems that are constantly being handled by the Dubai municipality and it is very critical for them to ensure high level of performance in such operations. Along with these, there are infrastructural management issues as well as transportation issues handled by the DM. hence, it becomes very significant to achieve operational excellence in its structure as it is handling completely different sections of administration. All the operations that are carried in DM serve a common goal of leading Dubai to develop a recognition for itself on the global map (DM.GOV.AE, 2016).
Final project plan
Scope of the research
Maintaining business excellence across the functionalities of the Dubai Municipality has a tremendous potential to incorporate global level standards in the administration of the Dubai Municipality across the Dubai Emirates. At the same time, it would help in identifying the factors that are to be improved and effective solutions have to be developed for the same. There are many factors that are responsible for the development of strategies and policies that are to be developed and implemented by the Dubai Municipality. It can also be seen that majority of the issues in the administering of the business would be cleared through adapting EFQM in the business model of Dubai Municipality.
Data collection
Data collection is a very important part of the research that helps in developing an evaluation of the currently existing trends in the functioning of the Dubai Municipality. Primary research would be carried out among the employees of the Dubai Municipality that would involve considering various elements of the business excellence that is existing and those elements which are to be improved in the administration carried out in DM. primary research would be carried out through filling of questionnaires that have been developed for the report and it would be filled through survey by the respondents, that is, the employees of the Dubai Municipality. The data collected would also be evaluated and analyzed on the basis of the responses obtained from the participants of the survey and suitable recommendations would be made for the same to achieve sustainable and operational excellence in the functioning of Dubai Municipality (DM)

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