Report on Effects on Business Environment through Arabic Student incident on Southwest Flight

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Arabic-Speaking student kicked off Southwest flight
Introduction to the incident:
Khairuldeen Makhzoomi, is an Iraqi American studying at the University of California at Berkeley. He was travelling on the Flight 4620 of the southwest airlines. After boarding on the flight, he called his uncle who stays in Baghdad. He was talking in Arabic with him. He was describing a diner that he had the previous day with the U.N. General Ban Ki-Moon. He was very excited about it and his tone raised a bit. While the passengers near him saw him talking in Arabic over a loud tone, they found it weird and one lady went out and complained about him. The next moment, there were few police officers in the plane that came right towards Khairuldeen and took him away with them (Beydoun, 2016).
Khairuldeen was totally unaware of the situation. He was not only taken off from his flight, but he was then interrogated very badly and in an aggressive ton by the FBI agents that were present. They asked him about their plans and tried to portray him as a terrorist or any other violent person who might have caused threats to the safety of the people in the flight. He was taken out from the flight and taken into special interrogation by the FBI. It was when he communicated what was his conversation with his uncle in Baghdad that the FBI agents gave him a clean chit and left him. It is a very sad incident for Khairuldeen which left scarring memories of the way he was treated by the Southwest Airlines and the FBI Agents (Hassan & Shoichet, 2016). It made him feel like being an Arabic or talking in Arabic was a huge threat for the security of the Airlines. It would take a long time for him to get over this incident. This incident has certain effect on the business environment that is developed regarding the image of the Southwest Airlines and its marketing.
Effect on the business environment and marketing of the company
A business environment of a company depends on the level of strategies and policies that they adopt for ensuring efficient marketing to be carried out in the global market. However, marketing should not come before safety. Hence, the decision of Southwest airlines to question Khairuldeen on grounds of suspicion that was reported by the fellow passengers is justifiable. However, the way they treated Khairuldeen before convicting any charges n him was not good. It left a bad memory in the minds of Khairuldeen where he was not even provided by another flight by the Southwest Airlines. The business environment of a company is very much affected by the way it treats all of its customers. In case of Khairuldeen, there is a partial behavior shown by the Airlines that involves considering the safety of the people and not showing concern with the way Khairuldeen was treated and interrogated.
The strategy that has been developed by the Southwest Airlines is very defensive and while trying to observe safety and security in the flight, they were quite aggressive on Khairuldeen However, Southwest did not provide a ticket to Khairuldeen for travelling to Oakland, but they did provide him with a refund. It is completely unfair from the Southwest Airlines to not provide him with a flight that be on an immediate basis. He was instead left over by the FBI Agents, who had taken him into interrogation for investigation. Thus, it can be seen that while Southwest Airlines gives priority to the safety and comfort of the passengers, it should also have an effective security check that covers all the things, including the nationality. They should be empathetic towards the incident and also provide certain kind of compensation to Khairuldeen as he has been staying in America since a long time and it provides them with an opportunity to improve its business environment that had become unstable due to the incident. It has to develop special plans and advertisements that will show an inculcation and respect for the Islamic countries as well as the people staying there and their right to travel across any flight in America.

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March 10, 2018

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