Report on Innovation Management in Organizations

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1. Summary 2
2. SWOT Analysis 3
3. Questions and Answers 4
4. Learning and Conclusion 6

The article describes the way through which the organization’s handle innovation management across its functioning and perform different operations related to different departments accordingly. An evaluation of the system that is currently used before rethinking about the innovation is carried out. After evaluation, these information is then analyzed and other factors that significantly contribute to inculcating innovation in the organization. There are few linkages and networking that is carried out by interconnecting these factors with each other and using them to develop an optimum utilization of the resources and managing the innovation.
There are different strategies that are to be developed and evaluated so as to implement them for the benefit of the organization. It first requires identifying the scope of improvement for the different departments that are functioning in the organization. It is very crucial to understand the needs of the customers and develop technology that would incorporate core principles and values of the organization. It also highlights the need to keep the employees and the staff satisfied by recognizing their hard work and efforts that they have put in the development of the organization.
There has to be recognition of the cultural variables that have to be modified or improved for imbibing change in different levels of management in the organization. The author has discussed the acceptance that is required regarding the mistakes that have been carried out and reflected through the processes that are carried out in the organization. There are several policies related to the hiring of the innovators as well as the existing employees that would help in bringing innovation and development for sustaining in the market by the organization. There are many steps of developing and implementing a successful innovation management process has been provided.
SWOT Analysis
Strengths Weakness
• Huge organization (70,000force of human resources , $15bn deals),
• Worldwide operations (200 nations),
• Multi-item (50,000 versatile range),
• Large share in the market
• Brand image and value created by them in the market. • Different powers of association.
• Many negative elements like the unavailability of the employee’s x1support, lack of motivation.

Opportunity Threats
• Recruiting volunteers
• Identifying the technological perspectives that are available for innovation.
• Scope of improvement in customer satisfaction. • Allocation of “Slack” and permit to play games.
• Development of potential competitors entering the market.
• Improper management of the resources available to the market.
Questions and Answers
Q1 Does a tall organization (or formal) organization structure kill innovation capability? Justify your stand with suitable example.
There are many levels of hierarchy in a tall organization and this makes it very complex to inculcate any change in it through innovation. It becomes very difficult to imbibe any sort of innovation in a tall organization due to the formal structure that is existing in it. These organizations cannot immediately respond to the changes that occur in the market. Managers have a shorter span of control and there are many other such limitations that are observed in the functioning of the managers and executives that are a part of a long hierarchy of designations in these organizations. It can be stated that tall structure of an organization is good for the ego but not for the communication. For example, Coca-Cola was using the tall structure in it till 2006. It was limiting the growth of Coca-Cola and hence the then CEO of Coca-Cola, John. F. Brock, developed a multi-divisional structure in the company to improve the motivation and engagement of the employees (Narayan, 2010). Hence, it can be seen that innovation capabilities are very limited when an organization has a formal or tall structure in it.
Q2 Do you think innovation strategy and leadership initiative outlined in the case of 3M are applicable in UAE Government and private organizations? If yes, give suitable examples, if no than what strategy and initiative you would suggest for local companies.
UAE Government and private sectors are accepting the innovation but it has a strict regulation that specifies that these innovations are not against the corporate governance and the business ethics. According to the UAE Demographic features, 3M is designing and modifying the human resources, their product, their values and sustainable development policy which is environment friendly for UAE. For example, there was a value depreciation in 1984, in IBM and ROLM Corporation had acquired IBM and for developing and inculcating better values they had to reconsider its policies and make necessary changes in it. Thus, it can be stated that innovation strategies and leadership initiatives that are mentioned in the case of 3M are directly applicable in UAE government, but, special care has to be taken regarding the ethical values and principles that these strategies propagate through the organization among the employees as well as towards the customers. The strategies and initiatives developed by the local companies should not be against the overall wellbeing of the society and must not be causing any harm to the environment.
Q3 Linkage and Networking has done wonders for many companies in UAE. What do you think should be the basic factors for a win- win relationship? Explain giving suitable examples.
Linkages and Networking serves to be the core of tremendous progress and growth in many companies of UAE. There are few basic factors that would be leading to a win-win relationship and they are:
Understanding the target market:
Target market is the place where all the policies and strategies developed by the company would be implemented. Hence, special care has to be taken to identify the elements that are existing in the market and the trend that is prevailing in it. For example, in case of McDonalds, they customized their menu before launching their chain in Asian countries like India, Sri Lanka, etc. as there a large number of vegetarians in these countries (ICMR, 2005). So, customizing the menu played a vital role in the success of McDonalds in these countries.
Appropriate follow up to inculcate a healthy relationship
Staying in touch with the customers, clients and the vendors is very important for developing a healthy relationship with them. It can be done by staying connected to each one of them and developing an informal relationship with them to a certain extent. This would help in developing a win-win relationship with all the people related to the company. For example, Amazon stays in continuous touch with the customers when they receive an order from the customer and they carry appropriate follow up with them to ensure that the customers are provided each and every information regarding their product (Boulding, Staelin, Ehret, & Johnston, 2005).
Learning and Conclusion
The learnings that are derived from the analysis of the innovation management process through the appropriate hiring of innovators and develop strategies. These strategies would play a significant role in increasing the level of motivation in the employees and inculcate significant changes that are required in the development of strategies throughout the organization. At the same time, there are many critical elements and factors that are required to be evaluated and analyzed for establishing its effectiveness in the functioning of the organization.

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