Report on Outsourcing Techniques for IT Department of a Company

Available Outsourcing techniques for IT department

The Information Technology department undertakes the functions of data transmissions and data warehousing as well as helping the marketing department in some technical aspects of the marketing campaigns. They are a well maintained department with sufficient technical resources but at times, when the work requires the usage of current technology and advanced resources, the work is outsourced. This is particularly a situation when a promotion campaign requires specific type of animation requirements in their advertisement campaigns or when the data warehouse is under maintenance and they require other technicians to handle the incoming and outgoing data till the maintenance is done. The Information technology also outsources from call centers about their customer feedback and complaints.
Outsourcing is utilized in:

• Technical services during maintenance
• Advanced animation and rendering services
• Artwork and logos from artists in advertizing campaigns
• The maintenance of multimedia tools and peripheral devices is done by third party technicians
• The customer complaints and suggestions department is handled by external call center firms
• Technical help to customers in other countries is given by different call centers
• The publication and formatting of annual reports is done by third party designing firms.
• Web Site security is handled by External technicians

Recommended Outsourcing Techniques for IT Department

The organization can utilize outsourcing in more optimum ways to decrease cost and increase productivity. The cost can be decreased in a way that the power, resources and expenses on salary will be pooled into the fees for the external firms. The IT department can outsource the complete data warehousing and administration to an elite firm who know the complete requirements. This type of outsourcing is given to professionals in the particular field and the work load on the company decreases. The maintenance of the Website of the company its related services can be handled by a third party web developer firm which specializes in web development and would generate a better looking and functional web sites due to their advanced knowledge in their field.
Outsourcing can be developed further in these aspects:

• Web development can be handed over to a third party firm
• Data warehousing and administration can be handed over to external companies
• The advertizing campaign and idea generation should be given to advertizing companies
• The server maintenance can be managed by third part firms if sensitive data isn’t involved
• The report generation and documents printed for the public can be generated by third party firms
• The company can take help of a lobbyist to improve the brand image of the company on social networking websites and other media
• The purchases of technical equipments in bulk can be done by other firms who realize the budget and requirements of the firm
• The designing of the office infrastructure can be handled by organizations in other countries specializing in the specific area


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March 7, 2018

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